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Our vision for sustainability.

We want to lead the industry in creating safe and joyful gaming experiences that are crafted in a diverse and inclusive work culture while respecting our planet. For us, leading means collaborating with the entire industry, understanding that no one can achieve this alone; working together accelerates learning and amplifies our impact.

Our Strategy.

Our sustainability strategy focuses on three areas: safe and responsible gaming, people and society, and climate and environment. The selection of focus areas is based on our company strategy, mission, and values and a 2020 sustainability materiality analysis. Our double materiality assessment and strategy update are ongoing and will be completed during 2024.

Safe & Responsible Gaming

We are committed to creating safe and enjoyable gaming experiences and environments for all our players.

People & Society

Our commitment to excellence in game development is deeply intertwined with our dedication to the well-being of our team in an inclusive work culture. 

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Climate & Environment

To fight the climate crisis, we minimize negative impacts in our value chain by making sustainable choices and maximize positive impacts by raising awareness.

Our achievements.

In 2023, we successfully advanced all three of our focus areas. With our safe and responsible gaming strategy, we launched the Playbook for Inclusive Game Development and Marketing. With people and society, we joined Better Games Together, a collective of Finnish game studios that share the goal of making our companies, as well as the wider industry, more accepting of LGBTQIA+ people. We also continued to drive our climate and environment strategy forward, we participated in Playing for the Planet’s Green Game Jam for the fourth year in a row.

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Key Partnerships.

Our journey is ongoing, and through our collective efforts, we strive to inspire change, drive innovation, and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

Heini Kaihu, Chief Sustainability Officer.

Sustainability Management.

At Rovio, sustainability is a collective endeavor, and every Rovian plays a part in our journey. The sustainability team, guided by the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), leads and facilitates this collective effort, and is responsible for creating and implementing sustainability strategy. The CSO, reporting directly to the CEO, is a member of the Leadership Team and keeps the leadership informed about sustainability topics and trends, ensuring the integration of sustainability into Rovio’s core operations and strategic decision-making.

The Rovio Board of Directors oversees this effort at the highest level, approving the sustainability strategy and the annual sustainability report, thereby ensuring that the company’s governance aligns with its sustainability objectives.

Reports & Policies.

Rovio publishes a report covering sustainability topics annually, and we have reported our corporate responsibility activities since becoming a publicly listed company in 2017. The listing of the Rovio shares on Nasdaq Helsinki ceased in January 2024 when Rovio became fully owned by Sega. The latest Sustainability report of 2023 is compliant with the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

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