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Our vision for sustainability.

Our vision for sustainability is clear: we want to lead the industry in creating safe and joyful gaming experiences that are crafted in a diverse and inclusive work culture while respecting our planet.

Our Strategy.

Sustainability strategy is an important tool for us to set sustainability guidelines. Reflecting our overall strategy, it puts the most material topics at the front of our work and gives us clarity on what we are focusing on. Our sustainability strategy is based on three focus areas: safe and responsible gaming, people and society and climate and environment. The selection of the focus areas is based on our company strategy, our mission, and values, as well as a sustainability materiality analysis, which was conducted in 2020.

Safe & Responsible Gaming

With safe and responsible gaming we aim to create a safe and enjoyable gaming environment for all our players.

People & Society

As games are made by people for people, we see the importance of the well-being of our people in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work culture and want to support the larger society.

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Climate & Environment

Climate and environment combines all our efforts to mitigate our negative environmental impacts and to seize the opportunities to raise awareness on important matters everybody can act on.

Our achievements.

In 2022, we successfully advanced all three of our focus areas. With the safe and responsible gaming strategy, we kicked off a long-term strategic initiative around inclusive game design and marketing. With people and society, we have focused on analyzing both employee data as well as employee sentiment. We also continued to drive our climate and environment strategy forward, ensuring we do our part in protecting the planet.

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Key Partnerships.

UNICEF Finland

Our collaboration with UNICEF Finland started in 2019. Since January 2022, our efforts with UNICEF have focused on Sierra Leone, where we are supporting UNICEF’s country-wide education program through a contribution to the national education funding pool. We have committed to support this program for at least until 2024. In addition to our support for Senegal and Sierra Leone, we have also supported UNICEF’s emergency help program in Ukraine with our Staff for the UNICEF employee donation program supporting UNICEF’s on-ground operations in Ukraine.

Playing for the Planet

Since 2019, Playing for the Planet Alliance has been one of the key gaming industry drivers for better climate & environmental management. Rovio has been an active member of the Playing for the Planet Alliance since its’ launch. When combined, members of the Alliance can reach more than 1 billion video game players. Playing for the Planet Alliance is led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The Alliance provides important member support, has different working groups, and raises awareness while supporting members in media coverage.

Fair Play Alliance

Rovio is a member of international The Fair Play Alliance (FPA). The FPA is a coalition of gaming companies and provides a forum for gaming professionals and companies to work together to develop and share best practices to build healthy communities and respectful player interactions in online gaming. The mission of FPA is well in line with our commitments to safe and responsible gaming.


Finnish Business Society (FIBS) is the largest corporate responsibility network in the Nordics. We’ve been a member of FIBS since 2014. Every year, FIBS organizes events that gather thousands of corporate responsibility experts, decision-makers, and influential people from all fields together to learn and be inspired by the latest practices and solutions in the field of sustainable business.

Our strategy and operations are grounded in a sustainable approach; our mission is to craft joy with player-focused gaming experiences that last for decades. Continuously improving sustainability across our whole operations is part of our daily work.

Heini Kaihu, Chief Sustainability Officer.

Sustainability Management.

Sustainability is at the core of Rovio, and we have a number of people involved in our sustainability efforts. Rovio’s ultimate responsibility for the management and operations lies with the governing bodies of the parent entity General Meeting of shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the CEO, who is the Chair of the Leadership Team. The Leadership Team prepares Rovio Group’s strategic and annual planning, supervises the implementation of plans and financial reporting, and prepares significant investments. Both strategic and operational sustainability topics are regularly discussed within the Leadership Team.

Besides these necessary structures enabling and supporting the sustainability work at Rovio, we have three full-time employees focusing purely on sustainability. Overseeing the operational side we have had a CSO since September 2021. To support the strategic work, we also have a core group, which actively discusses and drives sustainability initiatives and strategy forward. The group supports the CSO in sustainability work and consists of members from various functions within Rovio.

Reports & Policies.

Rovio publishes a report covering sustainability topics annually, and we have reported our corporate responsibility activities since becoming a publicly listed company in 2017. The latest Sustainability report of 2022 is compliant with the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards.

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