The birds raise awareness for the harmful impact of plastics in Earth Day events in three Angry Birds games, including Angry Birds Dream Blast.

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Every year on Earth Day, the world turns its attention to the importance of environmental conservation. It’s a day to reflect on our impact on the planet and consider ways to make a positive change. Also every year, hundreds of thousands of birds die from injuries caused by plastics. That is why this year, the Angry Birds games are united under the banner of “birds helping birds” to raise awareness for the damage that plastic waste does to our environment. Angry Birds Dream Blast, Angry Birds 2, and Angry Birds Friends are all participating with special, limited time events that will inform players on environmental issues and direct them to where they can learn more.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is participating with the limited-time Environment Season, which takes place on a beautiful but polluted ocean beach. Throughout the four week season, players can collect tokens by playing levels in the game. As players collect tokens, the game’s background scene evolves—more Angry Birds join the effort to clean the ocean from plastics and rescue trapped animals. . It’s a symbolic representation of how small actions can lead to significant change.

“We plan our seasonal events several months in advance,” says Angry Birds Dream Blast Product Manager, Max Samarin. “Luckily, when we learned about the opportunity to participate in an Earth Day event, we were already working on a nature themed update. Being linked with Earth Day gave the team some extra excitement and incentive to make this one extra special.”

Angry Birds Dream Blast hosts a new season every four weeks, each with a unique theme, and a new image to reveal through playing levels and collecting tokens, and new rewards to earn. From the festive Holiday Season, to the disco-infused Dancing Season, there is always something new for players to experience through this familiar format.

“Hosting a season around Earth Day makes sense for us because it fits seamlessly into our players’ experience. It doesn’t clash with their expectations of what they’re going to get when they open the game, and new seasons are something that players look forward to, so it’s a great way to share impactful messaging with all of our active players around the world.”

In addition to the environmentally themed season, all Angry Birds Dream Blast players will also receive an in-game message with a link they can follow to learn more about the impact plastic pollution has on birds and also find a place where they can make a donation if they decide this is a cause they want to contribute to. But the impact doesn’t stop there. Angry Birds Dream Blast will be spreading their message through their social media presences, which together boast over one million followers. Through these channels, the campaign extends its reach even further, exposing an engaged audience to the message of conservation. Each share, like, and comment becomes a catalyst for change, inspiring others to join the cause.

As we celebrate Earth Day, it’s essential to recognize the collective power of small actions. What may seem like a small gesture can have far-reaching consequences, especially when multiplied by the efforts of many. The Angry Birds Dream Blast Earth Day campaign exemplifies this principle, demonstrating how a seemingly simple act within a game can contribute to a global movement for change.

As we navigate the challenges facing our planet, it’s crucial to remember that we all have a role to play in shaping its future. Whether it’s through small everyday actions or larger collective efforts, every contribution matters. So let’s take inspiration from the Angry Birds Dream Blast Earth Day campaign and work together to create a cleaner, healthier planet for future generations.

If you’re looking for more ways to get involved this Earth Day, consider visiting There, you will find resources, events, and opportunities to make a difference.

Small actions. Big impacts. Together, we can make a difference.

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