Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

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Crafting joy through diversity, equity and inclusion.

As Rovio, we are committed to weaving diversity, equity and inclusion into how we work and what we make, together with the industry.

Our DEI efforts focus both in and outside Rovio:

Workforce & Workplace

By tapping into the diversity and uniqueness of every Rovian and making sure their voices are heard, we believe we can make the best games that resonate with our players.

Game Design & Marketing

Through our core products, games, we have the opportunity and responsibility to think about what kind of world we build and share with our players.

Community & Industry

One company alone cannot solve for the change we fiercely want. We need to change the game together with the industry.

Our Progress.

Workforce Representation.

Nationality data is from 31 December 2023. Gender data is from 31 December 2022. For the other data, we conducted a global DEI survey in 2023 Q1. The survey was voluntary and 57% responded. These results are representative of those who completed the survey.





identify as LGBTQIA+


are women or non-binary



are neurodivergent


are women or non-binary in our main game development crafts*


are an ethnic minority where they are located

*Main game development crafts include Game Leadership, Art, Design and Technology

Latest News.

It isn’t enough to just talk about DEI. Here’s what we’re doing to make progress.

Workforce & Workplace.

Games & Marketing.

Community & Industry.

At Rovio, we are committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities or special needs in our working environment and job application procedures. We make all reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities or who otherwise need support to thrive in the workplace. We are committed to continuously improving workplace accessibility. If you have any questions before applying, please write to us at