Learn more about one of Rovio’s employee resource groups that aims to make every Rovian feel like they belong.

Article DEI Blog default 20.11.2023
Written by: Gabriela Marchioro, Senior Marketing Artist and Andrew McAtominey, Senior Gameplay Designer

In the beginning of 2022, there was a Rovio-wide Pulse Survey that asked various questions about Rovians’ work and wellbeing. When the results of the survey were revealed, it was found that employees in the Stockholm Studio were struggling to make all employees experience the same feeling of belonging. As a result of this, senior members of the Stockholm Studio started to discuss initiatives that could address this issue and give everyone a greater feeling of belonging. Two members of Rovio’s Leadership Team, who worked in Stockholm, called the studio employees to have a chat about the matter. Around 10 people joined, and it was then that we decided to form an official group. So beginning in September 2022 we started meeting every two weeks!

Simply put, the Stockholm DEI group is a gathering of employees that care about diversity, equity, and inclusion. We meet regularly in a safe space to discuss anything we think is important, both as individuals, and as a studio. Together we discuss issues brought up by our colleagues, and work to find solutions to any problems. Whether it’s accessibility issues in our office, or recognizing and learning about the multitude of cultures that our Stockholm Studio Rovians come from, everything the Stockholm Diversity Group does is to make our teammates feel welcome and part of the group.

The Stockholm Studio was opened in 2012. We’re currently a group of about 80 people, who represent 26 different nationalities! In addition to that, being in a different country from Rovio’s main office means we have different needs. As a smaller group in a bigger company, we have the opportunity to play games, participate in events outside of work, and have lunch, all together. And by doing so, we grow close, we consider ourselves a tight-knit group.

Because of this diversity in our studio and the fact that we are a small tight-knit group, it’s even more important we foster an inclusive culture and create an environment where people feel comfortable and can express themselves, and so we need to ensure the needs of those within our studio are listened to and advocated for when we can! Therefore the DEI group plays a vital role in ensuring everyone’s experience at the studio is welcoming and safe, and that no one feels left behind.

I‘m extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far. Within the span of just a year, the group has been able to contribute much to the studio’s quality of life. For example:

  • We organized a small Pride celebration in 2022, and a bigger one in 2023; with a whole week’s agenda, consisting of a themed movie and documentary session, sewing workshop, Drag Bingo, brunch, and of course, going together to the parade!
  • We set up a cultural calendar made from suggestions by everyone who celebrates holidays from our diverse nationalities and cultural backgrounds. It is composed of educational presentations, quizzes, and themed celebrations with traditional food and decoration.
  • Helped with accessibility adjustments to the office based on suggestions.
  • Organized and elected two employee representatives, creating an even safer channel and making it easier for our colleagues to reach out, helping them with their specific needs.

Everything we have accomplished is thanks to the employees that volunteer their time and who really want to make the Stockholm Studio the best that it can be. We hope that our efforts can make our studio the perfect place for our diverse team to work, while creating a welcoming environment for any who want to join us.