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Audio Programmer

17.06.2022 Audio Permanent Open position Apply here
Rovio's award-winning audio team defines how our games and products sound and how audio should be used at Rovio. We are extremely passionate about all things revolving around audio and we pride ourselves in creating immersive and emotionally engaging adaptive audio experiences. 

As an Audio Programmer, you will work with other programmers to develop and maintain our adaptive audio tech pipeline and tools. You will also work closely with the audio team members to design, prototype, implement and maintain audio features for game projects. In this role you will have the chance to work with all departments to build and help define how our game projects should sound like. At the same time, you will have the support and assistance of a solid and experienced audio team.

The whole audio team is located in Finland and works in a hybrid model. We are flexible on how and where you want to work from, but we also have in-person team gatherings on a regular basis. The salary range is between 3468 - 4071 EUR / monthly + benefits.

What you get to do:

  • Develop and maintain the adaptive audio tech pipeline and tools
  • Work closely with the audio team members to design, prototype, implement and maintain audio features for game projects
  • Able to do advanced audio content implementation tasks by utilising audio middlewares, tools or programming
  • Author documentation and communicate best practices and technical constraints of the audio systems and tools to other teams
  • Fix audio bugs and issues in game projects
  • Adhere to team coding standards and best practices
  • Tackle additional general programming tasks as needed
  • Give and seek constructive feedback and suggestions from others
  • Inspire teamwork and collaboration inside and outside the audio team

What you bring to the role:

  • Good experience in game / audio development, preferably with 3+ years of experience
  • Experience in mobile games is a big plus
  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or similar experience
  • Good skills and knowledge in common programming languages (C++, C# etc.)
  • Good debugging skills
  • Good knowledge and knowhow of game engines such as Unity and Unreal
  • Good understanding of mobile game audio technical requirements and restrictions
  • Good experience with version control software (Git, SVN, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of overall audio content creation and workflow
  • Basic knowledge of common audio middlewares (Wwise, Fabric, Elias etc.)
  • Musical knowledge and a vision for interactive music is a plus
  • Commitment to code quality, documentation, and testing procedures
  • Analytical mindset: you are capable of pinpointing bottlenecks in performance and workflows
  • Good self-management, organisational and problem solving skills
  • Highly value and prioritise working as a team, over individualistic goals, or desires
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills
  • Excellent work ethic and a positive attitude
  • Fluent in English, and strong verbal and written communication skills

Recruitment process:

  • First round: You will meet the Technical Director and Head of Audio. We want to know who you are and what motivates and inspires you. We will also dive deeper into your qualifications and software skills. You will have an opportunity to learn more about Rovio and the specifics of the role and ask questions.
  • Second round: You will meet the Head of Audio and Senior Audio Programmer. We will talk more about your interests in audio and audio technology related topics. We will also discuss the role of audio programmer within Rovio and central tech. If needed we will revisit topics from the first round.
  • Final round: You will have an informal chat with the entire Audio team where you can learn about each other in a casual setting and experience our team culture.


We welcome applicants to use the name they want to be addressed by in the application form, regardless of whether it is their legal name.

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