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Puzzle Studio

Rovio’s headquarters is situated in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in Espoo, about 10 minutes from the city center of Helsinki. Rovio’s Puzzle Studio creates puzzle games that are instantly fun, but dynamic and deep enough to become lasting hobbies. The studio explores new ways to use narrative and character worlds in casual mobile games, with the aim of creating a true emotional connection that stays with players even when they’re not playing.

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Rovio Stockholm

Stockholm Studio is the studio behind Angry Birds 2, a game they have kept exciting and fresh for players through world class live ops since its launch in 2015. The studio is actively crafting new “advanced casual” games with small and nimble teams. Their goal is to create games that are approachable, but retain the deep mechanics that keep players engaged for years.

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Rovio Copenhagen

Darkfire Games became Rovio Copenhagen in 2020, joining Rovio’s Nordic sister studios in Sweden and Finland. The studio is actively developing accessible and casual action RPGs with a Nordic twist.

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Rovio Barcelona

Rovio Barcelona is a sister office to Rovio’s Puzzle Studio. The Rovio Barcelona studio seeks to support the development and maintenance of Rovio’s puzzle games, creating new game content, as well as developing new games, to keep players engaged with amazing game experiences for years to come. Rovio Barcelona office is strategically situated in the heart of the city, in @22, the bustling tech hub of Barcelona. From the workspace, you’ll be treated to breathtaking, awe-inspiring views.

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Rovio Montreal

Rovio Montreal is home to Studio 6, a team of industry veterans with their sights set on crafting midcore mobile games. Joining Rovio in 2022, the team takes a fast and lean approach to game development, prototyping quickly and market testing early to develop midcore experiences that resonate with players.

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Rovio Toronto

Rovio Toronto is a studio committed to making casual F2P games that reach millions of players. The studio is using their expertise in deep and engaging experiences, as well as delightful action phases, to leverage the powerful Angry Birds brand in new ways. Their goal is to complement Rovio’s existing portfolio and tap into new avenues to make fan-favorite games that last for decades.

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Ruby Games

Located in Izmir, Turkey, Ruby Games joined the Rovio flock in 2021. The Studio has an impressive track record of building hyper-casual games that engage millions of players. By combining their expertise and creativity, they are able to develop games that are simple, but also contain rich content that players love. The studio plans to continue to grow their team and success while maintaining a fun and comfortable environment to work in for the years to come.

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