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Rovio’s four locations in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Canada are home to five game studios, each with their own focus and mission. Learn more about the studios that make Rovio’s unique brand of joy a reality.

Puzzle Studio (Espoo)

Rovio’s Puzzle Studio creates puzzle games that are instantly fun, but dynamic and deep enough to become lasting hobbies. The studio explores new ways to use narrative and character worlds in casual mobile games, with the aim of creating a true emotional connection that stays with players even when they’re not playing.

Battle Studio (Espoo)

Battle Studio is dedicated to creating the most accessible 4X game on the market. With that goal in their crosshairs, the team is not afraid to mix RPG and action elements with strategy to bring 4X games to a broader audience. Established in 2016, the studio maintains a flat hierarchy, a high level of transparency and open communication.

Rovio Stockholm

Stockholm Studio is the studio behind Angry Birds 2, a game they have kept exciting and fresh for players through world class live ops since its launch in 2015. The studio is actively developing new titles in the RPG genre with a “lean RPG” approach. Their goal is to create RPGs that are approachable, but retain the deep mechanics that seasoned players know and love.

Rovio Copenhagen

Darkfire Games became Rovio Copenhagen in 2020, joining Rovio’s Nordic sister studios in Sweden and Finland. The studio is actively developing accessible and casual action RPGs with a Nordic twist, specifically with their title, Darkfire Heroes, which is currently in soft launch in select regions.

Rovio Montreal

What does gaming look like in a world where the lines between platforms become more blurred every day? How do AI and ML play a part in future games and game production? Rovio Montreal was created to answer these questions and more, exploring future opportunities around the next paradigm shifts in gaming and entertainment.