The two new titles use Angry Birds to teach math and science concepts and deliver a very impactful education experience.

Article Licensing News default 22.02.2024

The Angry Birds are known for teaching the piggies a lesson every day in their games, but did you know that the Angry Birds games have been used in classrooms as a tool to teach students about forces, gravity, and projectiles? Using the physics-based gameplay and memorable characters of the Angry Birds games is such a great way to teach these concepts, you might not even realize you’re learning something. Last summer, we announced a partnership with Legends of Learning, who create web-based games to give classrooms a dash of fun, while delivering crucial math and science knowledge. Today, we’re happy to announce that Legends of Learning is releasing the first two of a series of new educational Angry Birds games that promise to make students’ classroom experiences extra impactful. Read on to learn a bit about each!

Angry Birds Eggstraction uses the Angry Birds to teach the concepts of collisions (something the birds have plenty of experience with) and forces. In the game, students will join the Angry Birds in an experience that leaves the slingshot behind in favor of the “Sproing-O-Matic” – a bird propelling device created by Professor Pig. Students will have to employ this instrument to overcome the forces of egg-stealing evil, as well as actual forces of physics, to defeat the piggies and reclaim their eggs. With any luck, players can use enough force and the correct trajectory to collide directly with the piggies’ egg-stealing snouts.


Angry Birds Eggstraction is full of problem solving challenges that increase in difficulty with every level passed. Students will have to sharpen their bird flinging skills and their critical thinking to complete them all. Luckily, learning through play makes it easy to tackle complex physics concepts.

Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal challenges students to brain teasing math problems to topple stone walls. By launching the correct number of birds through the correct portal, the birds can take down the walls and get one step closer to protecting their precious eggs – with the power of multiplication! Multiple multiplication challenges await in Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal, with a multitude of challenges to overcome – the perfect way to hone those multiplication skills.


Angry Birds Eggstraction and Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal are available now on the Legends of Learning platform. There are more educational Angry Birds games incoming on the Legends of Learning platform so keep your eyes open for new titles coming soon. Are you interested in trying Angry Birds Eggstraction or Angry Birds and the Multiplication Portal for yourself or perhaps with your class? Find more information on how to sign up here.