Finland has recently renewed its parental benefits legislation to recognise equally all kinds of families and give them more opportunities and flexibility. We at Rovio did not only want to promote the implementation of the new law – we decided to aim even higher!

Article Rovio Blog default 18.11.2022

By Lotta Vuoristo, Chief People Officer

It is therefore my great pleasure to announce that from now onwards, Rovio will pay up to 3 months full salary for all Rovians in Finland during their parental leave. Previously, full salary was paid for only 3 weeks during the non-birthing parent’s leave and for 3 months during the birthing parent’s leave. This change will support a more even distribution of family leave between both parents by giving them the same financial opportunity to stay at home with their child(ren).

We are excited about the new model as it supports many of our important aims; equality, better work-life balance, and overall sustainability, just to name a few. Being a family friendly employer isn’t just words, it should be proven with concrete actions. I believe and hope that this change in our family leave policy will show that we are serious about this. We challenge and invite all other companies in our industry – and beyond – to follow this path!

Please join me in this celebration of all parents regardless of their gender or family composition and thank all colleagues in advance for their support to others during their parental leaves. This change will allow them to make the most of those precious moments with their children.

Lotta Vuoristo, Chief People Officer