Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many are staying at home and doing less in terms of social interactions and exercise. The Angry Birds want to help all of their friends, players and fans stay happy and healthy even when stuck at home more than before!

Article Games News default 26.07.2021

Angry Birds Friends will hold an in-game event to raise awareness and give tips on how to stay healthy at home! The Stay Active -tournament starts on Monday July 26th and continues the entire week. It features 24 brand-new levels themed around sports and healthy living, as well as World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and tips to stay active.

For Rovio teaming up with the World Health Organization for a healthier future makes perfect sense. Engaging people through Angry Birds Friends is a way to promote fact-based information about health, and the game can play a role in promoting healthy lifestyles and actions people can take to get healthier at home. It’s important for people of all ages and abilities to be as active as possible. We want to engage and encourage our players to be physically active in real life too, and for this WHO is the perfect partner.

WHO continues to advise people to find ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle — and protect their mental and physical health –including during periods when spikes in COVID-19 transmission means they’re spending more time at home,” says Andy Pattison, Team Lead, Digital Channels, Department of Digital Health and Innovation, WHO. “We encourage people who play interactive games and pursue other sedentary activities to incorporate movement into their routines and protect their mental and physical health when it’s needed most.

And don’t worry: the ultimate goal will still be to cause as much destruction as possible. Our heart rates go up when those darn pigs steal our eggs, but Angry Birds Friends wants to show players other ways of getting it up too. 

Angry Birds Friends has collaborated with great causes before: Our players have played for the planet, to save fellow birds