The pigs are doing their part to provide sustainable energy in the best way they know how.

Article Sustainability default 22.04.2021

Last year, Rovio made the commitment to offset the carbon emissions from players charging their devices, in addition to offsetting the carbon impact of our offices and business travel. We are continuing that commitment this year, adding to the mix the impact of our employees’ home offices, now that our offices are used to a lesser extent. All together, this amounted to 18,610 carbon tons produced in the year 2020.

Similar to the previous years, Rovio has offset this amount through the UN Carbon Offset Program. However, this year we’re investing in a powerful (and pungent) natural resource that is close to our hearts: pig manure.

SPM Farm in Ratchaburi Province, Thailand is home to a UN-sponsored biogas project that harnesses the awesome power of pig poo by collecting the gasses that are naturally emitted from this precious material. This biogas is turned into fuel which is then used to create electricity that runs the farm. In this way, the farm is partially self-sustaining, running on electricity produced from pig droppings, and additionally, the methane gas produced by the pig’s leavings does not escape into the atmosphere – double win!

We’re happy to be involved in such a project – first, because we believe that we can have a positive impact on the environment, agriculture in particular being a huge source of carbon emissions, but second because those pesky pigs are finally good for something. Although, this probably doesn’t make the birds any less angry.