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What will games look like 5 years from now? Will the concept of “play” be re-defined and if so, how? If you’re curious (like us) about future trends and wider paradigm shifts in games and entertainment, join Rovio for a series of big, bold discussions with movie directors, academics, games industry veterans and more.


Episode 10 — Aleissia Laidacker, Director of Creative Technology at The Mill

While Extended Reality (“XR”) hasn’t yet taken over the world, completely displacing traditional screens, there are many who feel the transition is inevitable and that the winds of change are already blowing.

Alessia Laidacker has spent the last 5 years in leadership positions in this cutting edge space and this experience, combined with 2 decades in tech and game development, give her some fascinating insight into the future of this exciting trend in entertainment.

Does this experience lead Alessia to think an explosion of XR projects is right around the corner? Tune in to find out.

About Aleissia Laidacker:
Aleissia Laidacker is a Creative Technology Director with over 20 years experience in the Immersive Technology space.

She is a leader in AR/XR, where she was Head of Developer Experience at Magic Leap. Working with numerous partners to find creative and technically innovative ways of pushing the boundaries of interactions and storytelling using Augmented Reality.

Aleissia is currently working with The Mill, leading the Creative Technology teams globally to dream and build impactful experiences using leading-edge technology to bring a new kind of wonder, interaction & depth to audiences. She is also working with Spatial Activations, a creative agency that brings together top-of-class expertise from multiple disciplines to pivot commercial and public spaces towards relevant content that will attract a new generation of audiences.

Episode 9 — Victor Lucas, Founder/CEO at EP Media LTD.

Few people have dug as deeply into the art and craft of making games as Victor Lucas. As the creator and host of Electric Playground, Victor has been covering Games and, more specifically, Game Makers, for almost 25 years. By focusing on the game creators, Victor has developed a unique perspective on the driving forces in the industry over the last 30 years and the trends that are most forcefully shaping it today. From Content Creators to syndicated TV to cloud streaming services, we cover a lot of ground in this discussion that should prove insightful to anyone with an interest in the industry, it’s history and it’s future.


About Victor Lucas:
Creator and host of “The Electric Playground,” Victor Lucas is an Emmy-winning videogame television pioneer. ”The Electric Playground,” hit the airwaves in 1997 and in 2008 became a daily TV series seen around the world. Victor has produced several other TV series including, “Reviews on the Run,” and also partnered with game publishers to produce documentaries for several AAA franchises like “Tomb Raider,” “Metal Gear Solid,” “Fallout” and “Batman: Arkham.” Follow Victor’s work at and

Episode 8 — Kim Pallister, General Manager at Intel

When you think ‘Intel’ you probably think microprocessors. The little pieces of silicon that makes your computer Go. Our guest for this episode, Kim Pallister, is working to change that and help champion all the various ways that Intel participates or shepherds diverse initiatives in gaming across Desktop, Cloud, Mixed Reality and more.
Kim has a unique perspective on and passion for how technologies of today are converging to create the playgrounds of tomorrow and in this chat we touch upon subjects ranging from AI, Cloud, MR, Social Media, Super Powers and beyond.


About Kim Pallister:
Kim Pallister is the General Manager of the Gaming Solutions Team at Intel, where he leads worldwide gaming developer relations and solutions development. Prior to this Kim held numerous roles at Intel, including Chief Segment Architect for Gaming and leading the VR Center of Excellence. Kim has been involved in development of graphics, gaming and immersive technologies for over 25 years, in positions within Intel, Microsoft, and Matrox Graphics.

Episode 7 — Blake Robbins, Partner at Ludlow Ventures

“Kids making videos while playing videogames” have become some of the most influential voices in modern entertainment and the source of admiration and idolization for millions. Join us as we deep dive into the Creator Culture with Blake Robbins, partner at Ludlow Ventures.

Episode 6 — David Usher, Founder & Creative Director, Reimagine AI

What do social media startups, an AI replica of Albert Einstein and being a world famous rock star have in common? We’ll give you a hint – it isn’t cigarettes and booze. Today’s guest is David Usher and we dive deep into the Creative Process, what it shares across all forms of media and entertainment and how it is evolving with the ascension of AI.

Episode 5 — Matthew Ball, Interactive investor and advisor

It’s hard to talk about gaming in 2021 and not come across references to the Metaverse. Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft can all lay claim to be building it (in their own way) with many others trying to get in on the action. Who will be the first to successfully build The Metaverse is a question ripe for discussion and few have spent more time thinking about it than Matthew Ball.

Episode 4 — Reggie Fils-Aimé, Games Industry Exec

Nobody knows more about developing global IPs than Reggie Fils-Aimé, the retired President of Nintendo of America. Having worked on some of gaming’s biggest franchises, Reggie is poised to share his thoughts on how to make an IP appeal to global markets. What is the key to achieving success across a broad audience? How do you avoid fatigue to keep a license fresh and interesting? What are the opportunities and challenges of doing this in the modern day with gaming IPs moving into new mediums?

Episode 3 — Brenda Romero, Game Director, CEO

Game development has obviously evolved over the past 30 years with the advancement of tech and an abundance of innovative tools and platforms. Despite these clear changes – the core fundamentals of play as a human need/pastime have remained largely constant. As a highly successful and respected leader in game development, Brenda Romero offers a unique perspective on how game development has evolved, but also how many core pillars have stayed the same. How do you see game design evolving going forward? Will the way people interact with their games drastically change, and do you always see games existing in the same way we play now?

Episode 2 — Lazlow, Writer/Director
There’s a lot that goes into developing narrative in AAA games, from creating characters, personifying them, and cohesively tying them all together. Few understand this process better than Lazlow Jones, the former Rockstar Games director, producer and writer known for his extensive work on the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Lazlow joins the podcast to discuss his creative process, the impact of new gaming trends, and the future of storytelling in the medium. What’s the most important component of dialogue in games? How has the writer been affected by evolution in game design, and where is narrative headed?


About Lazlow:
Lazlow worked for nearly 20 years at Rockstar Games as a Director, Producer and Writer, most notably on the Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption franchises.  He served as co-chair of the Rockstar Games Production department and was responsible for creative writing, in-game audio and video content. Prior to his long tenure at Rockstar he developed, produced and hosted several nationally syndicated radio shows including The Lazlow Show (K-Rock New York; Sirius Satellite Radio) and Lazlow’s Technofile, heard on 150 stations worldwide. Today he is working on several projects, including development of animated and live action TV shows, consulting on narrative content for video game companies, and lots of surfing.

Episode 1 — Neill Blomkamp, Director/Writer
Mastering an artistic vision across diverse audiences is a tough balance, and Neill Blomkamp has successfully navigated this minefield throughout cinema. His storytelling expertise is apparent in movies like District 9, Elysium and Chappie, but Blomkamp has also made many short films, including a trilogy based in the Halo universe in 2007. So our question to Neill is, given his storytelling expertise, has he ever felt the pull to make a video game? And having used game engines a lot for some of his short films, where does he think ‘convergence’ is going? Will we see Hollywood tentpoles made with Unreal/Unity any time soon?


About Neill Blomkamp:
Neill Blomkamp is a film director, producer, screenwriter and animator. He’s best known as the co-writer and director of District 9, and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. He’s directed two feature films since (Elysium and Chappie), along with a plethora of short films and commercials. He is from South Africa but is currently based in Vancouver, and directed a trilogy of live-action short films set in the Halo universe in 2007.

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