Rovio Fan Content Policy

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Rovio Fan Content Policy.

Latest update: Aug 18, 2020

Rovio’s communities are full of talented people who create all manner of amazing content, from walkthrough and gameplay videos to fan art and fan fiction featuring our characters (which we refer to as “Content” in this policy). We are continually impressed by what you create, and we want to keep this going! For this reason, we allow our fans and creators everywhere to use our game characters and stories (which we refer to as our “Assets” in this policy) to create whatever they want, providing they adhere to the few guidelines outlined below. Content not adhering to these guidelines is prohibited and must be taken down.

Make it your own: Don’t just repost, reupload, or copy. Add something, make it your own, and make something awesome! Please do not use our Assets to create duplicates, copies, reposts, or reuploads of our Assets or other content.

Be non-commercial: Do not use our Assets for commercial purposes. This includes charging others to view, access, download, or otherwise consume your Content. As an exception, you may monetize through ads, subscriptions, and donations as long as your Content remains available to non-payers and you comply with applicable laws, platform policies, and other rules. While you may wish to use our Assets to make games, animated series, or physical items for your personal use and enjoyment, you may not sell or distribute them or make them available publicly.

Be respectful: Do not use our Assets in a way that is offensive, unlawful, or otherwise objectionable. Follow the Code of Conduct in our Terms of Service to the extent applicable, and do not promote or encourage others to behave in a way that conflicts with the Code of Conduct. When you share Content, you must comply with the terms and policies of the platforms or distribution channels on which you are sharing it.

Be honest: Do not indicate or imply that your Content is created, endorsed, or specifically approved by Rovio. When you share Content, include a statement that the Content is unofficial and not endorsed by Rovio in a manner customary for the platform or distribution channel you decide to use (e.g., in a video description or at the top of a written article). Also, please do not (a) create or use social media or other accounts that could be mistaken for official Rovio accounts or (b) register or use domain names, logos, or marks similar to our domain names, logos, or marks.

Sometimes, we may like your Content enough to want to use it in our games or share it through our official channels. You agree that we may use the Content under similar terms as apply to User Contributions under our Terms of Service.

A time may come when we request that you stop using our Assets. We may revoke your right to use our Assets at any time without stating a reason. This may be done by reaching out to you specifically or by modifying this policy with or without notice. If that happens, you agree to take down your Content immediately.