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Senior UX Researcher

17.10.2023 User Research Permanent Open position Apply here
The players’ experience comes first at Rovio and your mission as a Senior UX researcher is to drive a players first mindset by championing the user and being the voice of the player.

You will have the unique opportunity to join a special project team to market exciting new and live SEGA games. As a Senior UX Researcher at Rovio you will leverage your passion for video games and user research skills to help your project team understand their audience and  enable them to create the most intuitive, accessible, user friendly and engaging free-to-play games in the gaming industry.

In this role you will be will be focused on helping your project team answer the most challenging questions they face around design and target audience. Through player insight you will influence and inspire positive change at all stages of the game development from concept into live-ops by conducting qualitative and quantitative research and delivering findings to stakeholders through workshops, collaboration, presentations, and reports.

Ultimately your role will enable the project team to understand both business and player needs and define their target audience through understanding player experience, expectations and motivations. 

You will have impact and fun at work by doing:

  • Hands-on Mixed-method Research: Plan, coordinate, manage and carry out studies using various research methodologies, including qualitative, quantitative or any mixed approach that you consider the best-fit for the current need
  • Full Lifecycle Support: Work closely with the development and marketing teams throughout the life cycle of games, from concept and prototype to post-launch and live-ops. Understand their design intentions, define the research goals and carry out research projects on a continuous iterative basis.
  • User-centric Mindset in Games: Be a strong voice advocating for the players and drive player-focused decisions throughout game development and marketing with actionable insights in player experience, needs and motivations, usability, competitor benchmarking, game economy, etc.
  • Cross-team Communication & Collaboration: Be the key point of contact and resident expert on all user research matters for your partner development teams. Collaborate across different function teams when needed, including but not limited to marketing, BI, art, UX/UI design, game design, community, player support, etc.

Experience and skills we are looking for:

  • Several years of past work experience as a UX Researcher in a business environment with experience of integrating user research into design and actionable product improvements
  • Vast experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods such as one-on-one interviews, playtesting, focus groups, surveys, benchmarking, behavioural analytics and statistical data analysis methods to name a few
  • Deep knowledge of mobile games and a good understanding of player motivators
  • Great communication skills where you need to constantly collaborate with cross functional teams and be an excellent storyteller when presenting your findings verbally and in writing
  • A degree or equivalent work experience in human computer interaction (HCI), psychology, interaction design, product design or related field

Interview process:

  • First meeting: A Talent Acquisition Partner will reach out for a quick chat to understand who you are and what your experience has been. This is also an opportunity for you to learn about Rovio and this role.
  • Second round: You will meet the hiring manager. The aim is for us to understand you as a potential game Senior UX researcher, what your experience has been and what motivates you. Test task: we will ask you  to work on an exercise to dive deeper into your research skills
  • Third round: You will be invited to meet the team lead and team member(s) and present your findings. Our aim is to get a clear overview of your skills, how you would fit with our working culture, your ambitions and where we can help each other develop.

Mixing the world-class expertise of six different crafts – Product Marketing, User Acquisition, User Experience Research, Market Intelligence, Marketing Video Production, and Player Experience, our team’s main mission is to fuel the growth of our games portfolio.
Largely embedded within game teams and in close collaboration with a large variety of stakeholders, our role is to identify, anticipate and make sure to satisfy our target audiences’ needs and wants. We do this across all touchpoints – from early research on new concepts, to how we reach out to millions of players through our marketing campaigns, or to how we engage them through our social networks and other discussion platforms.

We welcome applicants to use the name they want to be addressed by in the application form, regardless of whether it is their legal name.

At Rovio, we are also committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities or special needs in our working environment and job application procedures. We make all reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities or who otherwise need support to thrive in the workplace. We are committed to continuously improving workplace accessibility. If you have any questions before applying, please write to us at

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