Lead Data Analyst, Team Manager

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Lead Data Analyst, Team Manager

23.12.2022 Data Science & Analytics Permanent Open position Apply here
We are looking for a passionate Lead Data Analyst to join our Puzzle Studio in Helsinki, Finland and help us strengthen the analytics craft at Rovio by heading a growing team of game analysts. We at Rovio’s Puzzle Studio have our sights set on becoming the most successful casual puzzle game studio in the world. Exploring new and emerging trends in puzzle games, we have built a deep understanding of the puzzle genre and its players since our founding in 2014. We have introduced innovations in puzzle game core with the free-flowing Angry Birds Dream Blast, and provided players with exciting new content and events in fan-favourite games such as Angry Birds Friends. With our games, we aim to create a true emotional connection that stays with players even when they’re not playing.

Coming into this role will give you a key position in contributing to Rovio’s future. In this role you will have a chance to work full-time on one of our games providing it with critical game analytics and ensuring that the game team receives valuable insights to propel the game forward. This role also entails leadership duties. As a team manager, you will be supervising a few Data Analysts and providing them with support and guidance they need to grow in Rovio and elevate their careers. You will nourish an inspiring team culture and mentor your team members to develop professionally. 

We expect you to be a gamer at heart with return of investment on the top of your mind. You are an excellent individual contributor who leads by example. To thrive in this position it is imperative to have well-developed communication skills as you will work with people from different expertise and will at times need to explain complex subjects. Communication is the key to make data actionable. Additionally, you should be able to clearly define suggestions and work with your team to accomplish their goals.

What your days will look like:

  • You will spend most of your time as a senior analyst in a game project building new features and growing the game together with your team
  • Understanding changes in key metrics and long-term trends
  • Supporting the studio analytics craft lead in portfolio level analysis and roadmap planning
  • Driving decision making through presentation of work and spreading best practises to analytics and game teams
  • Developing models of player behaviour for analysis and automated experience optimisation
  • Designing and evaluating experiments
  • Creating dashboards and reports
  • Building data sets and automating data processing using SQL
  • Drafting and assessing gameplay tracking events
  • In addition you will have an opportunity to grow your leadership skills and support a few data analysts in the department as their direct supervisor
  • Coaching team members to improve their performance and help them advance in their career development

Who we think will do great in this role has:

  • Passion for casual gaming and problem solving
  • Genuine interest in people leadership 
  • Several years experience as an analyst, data scientist or product manager, preferably in the gaming industry
  • Track record in mentoring data analysts
  • Ability to turn analysis into valuable action
  • Data literacy and quantitative analysis skills
  • Experience in A/B testing design, implementation and decision making
  • High level of proficiency in relevant scripting language(s), e.g. SQL and Python/R
  • Understanding of statistical methods  and machine learning

Recruitment process:

  • Introduction: you will have a first call with our talent acquisition partner and discuss how you see your next step and what you would like to bring to Rovio.
  • First meeting: you will get a chance to explore one of our games and meet the hiring manager. We want to know who you are and what motivates you. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Rovio and the specifics of the role. We will also talk about your technical skills and go over some practical problem solving case studies.
  • Take home test
  • Team meeting:  You will be invited to meet the game team lead and other team member(s). Our aim is to get a clear overview of your skills, how you would fit with our working culture, your ambitions and where we can help you develop.
  • Final round: You will meet your future manager and our HR specialist. The goal is to explain the people processes here and discuss your views on people leadership. If you would like to meet your future team, we will be happy to organise a meet-and-greet with the team.

Data is at the heart of everything we do at Rovio. It enables us to continually improve our games and provide incredible experiences for the millions of users who play our games every day. All of this data is only valuable if it can be used to guide our day to day operations. It is the job of Rovio data craft to turn that raw data into actionable insights for Rovio’s games teams and other business units. The data craft aims to empower Rovio’s teams with insightful data, and also with relevant tools and models that support decision making.

We welcome applicants to use the name they want to be addressed by in the application form, regardless of whether it is their legal name.

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