Christine Quinn and Melissa Gorga are here to answer one question: What’s the best way to blow off steam – meditate or scream it out? Pick a side in the Feathered Frenemies event in Angry Birds Journey!

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Things get real in Angry Birds Journey in a very special event featuring two feuding reality TV friends. Christine Quinn (Selling Sunset) and Melissa Gorga (Real Housewives of New Jersey) are rallying Angry Birds Journey players into two teams for a friendly competition.

In the reality TV world, things can get… feisty. So it’s important to have a good way to unwind and get rid of all of the tension that comes with the press attention, competitive costars, and haters at large. So what is the best way? Christine says meditation is the only way to reach inner peace, but then Melissa was like “no, you have SCREAM it out”. Who is right? What do we do?! Everybody just relax! The latest event in Angry Birds Journey is here to help.

In a special limited time event, Angry Birds Journey players have the chance to join #TeamChristine or #TeamMelissa to compete against the opposing team, earn rewards, and settle the score once and for all. After choosing a team, players can check in every day and play levels to earn special rewards and support their team. At the end of the event, the team with the most completed levels wins. As an extra perk, the winning team will receive a special avatar of their celebrity team captain to commemorate their victory.

The Feathered Frenemies event runs from June 16-30 in Angry Birds Journey. Get it for free from the App Store and Google Play and pick your side! Whatever the outcome, when this is all over, hopefully everyone can just chill.


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