From London to Helsinki to Hollywood, The Angry Birds Movie 2 is taking over the world!

Article Movie default 14.08.2019

The Angry Bird Movie 2 is flying in full force – opening in US theaters yesterday. Those lucky early birds in the UK first got to see the movie two weeks ago on August 2. Then came the birds’ home turf with the Finnish premiere on August 8.

Next stop, Hollywood! The cast and crew of the film celebrated the premiere with a red (or rather green) carpet event, Saturday August 10th in Los Angeles – just a few days before it’s stateside opening on August 13. The voices of eagle villain Zeta (Leslie Jones), piggy scientist Gary (Sterling K. Brown), fastest in the flock Chuck (Josh Gad), and the seriously smart Silver (Rachel Bloom) were all in attendance to kick off the sequel in style along with many other stars, including a very BLUE Jojo Siwa who voices Jay, one of the Blues triplets!

The Angry Birds Movie 2 not out in your area yet? Hang in there! The film will be opening in more territories in the coming weeks. For our U.S. friends, get your tickets now for what is currently the highest rated video game movie adaptation of all time on Rotten Tomatoes!

Critics and audiences alike are having a blast watching the unlikely alliance between the birds and pigs. For those looking for a healthy dose of slapstick humor and mile-a-minute gags, you know what to do.