The third trailer for The Angry Birds 2 brings with it some new clips and new insight into the volatile alliance between the birds and pigs.

Article Movie default 20.06.2019

Heads up! The final trailer for The Angry Birds Movie 2 is dropping like a giant ball of ice careening towards your island home. No need to team up with your arch enemy to unravel the mystery of this metaphorical frozen projectile. Just press the play button below.

The third trailer for The Angry Birds Movie 2 takes us inside some brand new scenes from the upcoming movie, providing some more details on how the birds and pigs will be working together in their mission to infiltrate the source of the giant balls of ice that have been raining down on their homes. If they want to save their islands from impending doom, they will have to dig deep, put aside their differences, and… pull out their hottest dance moves? No one said it would be easy.

Can they pull it off? The answer will have to wait until The Angry Birds Movie 2 comes to theaters this August!