After one year in soft launch, the casual battle strategy game leaves app stores this fall.

Article Games News default 12.08.2021

Hardhead Squad appeared on app stores in select regions in June 2020, locked, loaded, and guns ablazing. Over the course of its soft launch period, the approachable battle strategy game built a considerable community with its musclebound heroes and strategic battles for world domination. However, the game’s performance did not quite meet its original goals. After listening to fan feedback and multiple updates adding new content, including the addition of more than a dozen new heroes to the roster, Hardhead Squad did not gain the traction we hoped it would. For this reason, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the game before it enters global launch.

We’re extremely grateful for the players who have stuck with Hardhead Squad through it all, and we’re confident that we can take our learnings from Hardhead Squad and deliver something that will blow you away. Our Battle Studio is dedicated to creating awesome game experiences in the strategy genre so stay tuned for what’s next!

In-app purchases will be disabled in Hardhead Squad starting today, but the game servers will remain active until November 12th, 2021. For the players to make the most out of their remaining time in Hardhead Squad, we’re offering everyone a huge package of in-game goodies, available today upon logging into the game. Additionally, anyone who has made purchases in the last 90 days will have the opportunity to transfer those purchases to another Rovio title. Just follow the link here for the full instructions.

To all of the commanders: thank you! If you would like to help us create the next game, please follow the link here. Stay up to date on new Rovio releases via Twitter, Facebook, and be sure to sign up to the Rovio newsletter below.