Formed by six game industry veterans, “Studio 6” will focus on crafting new midcore games at Rovio’s Montreal location.

Article Company announcement default 17.11.2022

Rovio’s Montreal location was established in May 2020 to explore the future of gaming from a PC and console perspective. Rovio Montreal was later joined by Rovio’s second games operation in Canada with the establishment of Rovio Toronto in September 2021. Now, Rovio introduces its third game team in Canada with the addition of Studio 6, a team of industry veterans with their sights set on crafting excellent midcore games.

The Studio 6 team has already been working together for several years, gaining experience before the formation of the new studio at game developers such as Gameloft, Ubisoft, Ludia, and Voodoo, among others. Working fast and lean, the team has shipped numerous games together in the past three years working in the hybrid-casual genre. However, the team will now have the opportunity to take their approach of fast prototyping and early market testing and apply it to midcore games.

Speaking on the decision to join Rovio, Head of Studio 6 Mehdi El Moussali says, “We were looking for a home where there was a good cultural and product fit. We were happy to find that Rovio feels strongly about supporting strong autonomous teams, and has an ambitious long-term vision. It also doesn’t hurt that there are plenty of smart and nice people at Rovio that we can learn from. We’re excited to have the opportunity to work on games that have a high impact on the market and we’re confident that Rovio can help us do that.

Studio 6 plans on growing in the future, but will remain a small, lean team. Keep your eyes on Rovio’s careers page for new open positions available in the studio.