Produced with partner Mighty MoJo Toys, the new line continues the tradition of snuggleable Angry Birds plush toys that began in 2010.

Article Licensing News default 14.09.2022

We’re bursting at the seams with excitement to announce a new line of high quality collectable Angry Birds plush toys. Produced by partner Mighty MoJo Toys in a deal facilitated by global licensing agency IMG, this new collection of plushies features the classic roster of characters that graced the very first line of Angry Birds plush toys – Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the green piggies. Although this is a new partnership, offering cute and cuddly Angry birds plush toys has been a tradition for Rovio since not long after the original Angry Birds game was launched.

Rovio introduced its very first licensed products – a line of plush toys modeled after the game’s iconic characters in 2010. Now after over 2 billion Angry Birds licensed products sold, the Angry Birds have appeared as every manner of plush toy imaginable, from the first plushies featuring the core flock, to MASSIVE Mighty Eagles, to mini plushies for Burger King’s King Jr. Meals, to the Angry Birds Star Wars plushies that mash together galaxies far far away – not to mention a whole series using the fluffy flock as the main characters. In other words, we’ve got a real soft spot for plush toys. For example:



Rovio is happy to continue the tradition of providing amazing plush toys for Angry Birds fans, especially with a partner like Mighty MoJo Toys, who can deliver high quality plushies that fans can toss across the room and snuggle with for years to come. Keep your eyes open for the new Angry Birds plushies available through, Amazon, and other online retailers very soon!