The Angry Birds have tag-teamed with Venum in an exclusive collection of combat sports equipment and apparel to encourage kids to get active and use their emotions for good.

Article Licensing News default 08.09.2022

Rovio is teaming up with Venum, the world’s leading manufacturer of combat sports equipment and apparel. The two brands, brought together by global licensing agency IMG, are collaborating on an exclusive collection that encourages kids to be active, exercise, and release their energy and emotions at home in a fun and safe way – in the same way that the Angry Birds use their trademark anger for good.

The Angry Birds are not known for running away from a fight. The fearless flock always tackles its problems head-on, and are always ready to channel their trademark anger for a good cause. When they’re not going beak-to-snout against their piggy nemeses to save the precious eggs, the birds have championed good causes in the gaming industry and beyond, raising awareness for humanitarian, and conservation issues in the real world. Similarly, this collection encourages kids to find a positive outlet for their energy, all while repping their favorite Angry Birds characters.

The Angry Birds x Venum collection will include combat sports equipment such as boxing gloves, bear paws, and reflex bags, and more. Fans of the Angry Birds can find their favorite flock members featured here, including Red, Chuck, Bomb, and also, fine ok, some piggies as well. Each item in the collection will also include a QR code that will grant access to an augmented reality experience that will allow players to interact digitally with the product line and the Angry Birds characters.

Lastly, Angry Birds 2 is celebrating the Angry Birds x Venum collection with parents by introducing a special spell available in the game for a limited time. This spell will encourage parents playing Angry Birds 2 to get active with their kids and also provide a new powerful way to knock out the piggies!

Check out the Angry Birds x Venum collection wherever combat sports equipment is sold, and use the exclusive spell in Angry Birds 2, now until September 22!

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