Take a look at the Halloween happenings in Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Friends, and Angry Birds Dream Blast.

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It’s officially spooky season, and the Angry Birds are not ones to miss out on a wicked trick or a tasty treat. To prove it, Angry Birds games are reaching deep into the goodie bag to provide fans with plenty of king-sized surprises in the form of in-game events, community competitions, and more. Here’s just a sample-sized taste of the sweet treats we have in store this Halloween in three of our Angry Birds titles.



Angry Birds 2

Ever the fashion-forward flock, Angry Birds 2 is hosting a Halloween hat event featuring a spooky new Haunted Hat Set. Players can collect the whole set to deck out their birds for Halloween and take part in the spine-tingling new Hide and Shriek adventure! For an added bonus, fully upgrading the hat set will make it take on an eerie glow – perfect for striking fear into the hearts of the piggies.

The Angry Birds 2 community is also putting on a Halloween fan art contest via Facebook. Fans can submit their best Halloween-themed Angry Birds pieces until November 1st, and three winners will take home a stack of gems. Pretty sweet!



Angry Birds Friends

You approach the darkened house and feel a chill run up your spine. You don’t even know how you got there, but you feel a strange force compelling you to enter. You step onto the porch. The front door creaks open slowly to reveal – a new Halloween-themed Angry Birds Friends tournament! Whoa, that came out of nowhere. You try to run, but there is no escape from the satisfying bird-flinging action. Halloween in Angry Birds Friends brings a bundle of new levels set in a super (don’t say spooky don’t say spooky) spooky (argh!) haunted house full of cobwebs, candelabra, and of course, piggies. The Spooky Pig Fest tournament is running until October 31st so there’s still time to join in – if you dare!



Angry Birds Dream Blast

Halloween might be the creepiest, crawliest time of the year, but don’t worry – Angry Birds Dream Blast is still cute as kittens. Players can check in to the game until November 9th to take part in a special Halloween event. Collect pumpkin tokens, earn sweet rewards, and uncover the missing pieces of a hair-raising Halloween scene. Completing all of the Halloween challenges will unlock Challenge Mode, with even more challenging challenges and a chance to earn exclusive Halloween avatars!


We hope you enjoy this selection of Halloween goodies! Be safe out there and have a happy Halloween!



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