Last week, June 14, we had our annual company conference, RovioCon, in sunny Helsinki, Finland.

Article Company announcement default 21.06.2018
This series of events originally started as a company internal forum for information sharing, but after some impactful lectures by guest speakers and a lot of outside interest in them, we decided to open the event up for other mobile games developers, too.




For the 2018 edition of RovioCon, we partnered with Google Finland, and brought together a line up of speakers from companies including NBC Universal, Small Giant Games, Space Ape, Fingersoft, Next Games, Glu, Fluffy Fairy Games and Nordeus.
Around 400 people attended in the spirit of sharing and discussing industry trends, latest product developments, and so forth. Many insights were shared, much fun was had and numerous new connections made! 
Thanks for everyone who participated – especially all of our legendary speakers!