The Angry Birds kicked off the 2019 Cannes Film Festival the best way they know how – with a giant slingshot.

Article Movie default 15.05.2019

The Angry Birds flock and the voice cast for The Angry Birds Movie 2 took over the Carlton pier in Cannes this Monday to give the annual film festival a proper kick off.

Voice of Chuck, Josh Gad, The Angry Birds Movie 2 director Thurop Van Orman, producer John Cohen and the film’s international voice cast, were all on hand to launch a Hatchling at the wicked villain, Zeta – as well as launching a brand new scene from the upcoming movie to boot. Take a look at the scene below to see how the first meeting between bitter enemies Red and Leonard goes down.

Without a doubt, this alliance will be a rocky one – if it even gets off the ground at all, but with all of that friction is sure to come some hilarious comedy. See how it plays out when The Angry Birds Movie 2 comes to theaters this August!