Build a powerful party of heroes and embark on an adventure for the ages in Rovio Entertainment’s newest game, Darkfire Heroes.

Article Games News default 15.04.2021

The game is available to download for free now worldwide on the App Store and Google Play after a successful soft launch period in select regions.

Darkfire Heroes is a strategic team-based RPG set in a rich fantasy world. Players must assemble a powerful team of heroes to take on hordes of baddies. There is a collection of over 60 heroes at launch, each with their own unique style, abilities, and attacks. Choose the right heroes to take into battle, outfit them with powerful gear, and unleash powerful spells against enemies. There’s a substantial campaign for those looking for a single-player experience, but also a PvP arena for players that crave a bit of competition.

A new IP in Rovio’s game portfolio, Darkfire Heroes is the first release from Rovio’s Copenhagen studio, which was acquired in June 2020, joining Rovio’s four other game studios. It is also the first Rovio release under new CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand, who took the post at the beginning of 2021 after serving as head of games at Rovio.

“We were thrilled to bring Rovio Copenhagen onboard last year because of their commitment to making deep, accessible RPGs and finding what makes that genre tick – a strategy that is right at home among Rovio’s game studios,” said Pelletier-Normand. “That strategy comes through in Darkfire Heroes, which shows the passion and skill of the Copenhagen team and what they’ve learned making games together for the better part of a decade.”

“The team has worked hard continually refining Darkfire Heroes since the start of the soft launch to make the game it is today, and we are really happy to see it receive so much support from players,” said Rune Vendler, head of the 23-person Copenhagen studio. “Darkfire Heroes is new territory for Rovio, but it plays well off the core synergies we’re building across all our studios here. We’re excited to see how fans engage with everything this fun, accessible RPG has to offer.’’