Learn about the unexpected origin of one classic Angry Birds level, and what it all has to do with Mighty Eagle. Maybe…

Article Games News default 02.03.2022

In the spirit of the approaching Easter season (ok it’s a long way off, but enough of this winter already), we’re starting today’s Dev Diary with a little Easter egg from the original Angry Birds game.

Over the years, we’ve received tons of fan-made level designs for the Angry Birds games, but the first one to make it into a live game can be found in the Danger Above chapter, level 8-3. In April, 2010, we received an email from the mother of a five year old named Ethan. Ethan was a level-crafting whiz, and his mom was kind enough to share one of his creations with us via email. According to Ethan’s Specs, the level was to contain:

“…a wiggly wall that you can bounce the birds off, an exploding TnT box, a treasure chest, diamonds and a trophy.”

Ethan's original level design drawing.

Ethan even planned which birds could be used in the level: two Chucks, one Bomb, one Matilda, and one Blues.

Ethan's bird lineup: two Chucks, one Bomb, one Matilda, and one Blues.

The team was so impressed with the design, that they recreated it as close to Ethan’s specs as possible, with the addition of Ethan’s name, which can be found by flinging a bird high into the air in the level. It was added to the game in a June 2010 update. We’re happy to share that Ethan’s level will also be included in the re-release of Angry Birds, right where it was in the original Danger Above chapter, level 8-3.

Years later in The Angry Birds Movie 2, it just so happens that we discover that the Mighty Eagle’s real first name is, you guessed it, Ethan! Coincidence? Y–yeah, probably.

…Or is it?

Either way, there’s no denying that Mighty Eagle is a big part of the Angry Birds’ lore, an essential character in the movies, and an essential power-up in the games to blast through those tough to beat levels. First appearing in the Angry Birds game in 2010, Mighty Eagle was a one-time purchasable power-up that allowed players to call in the Eagle on any level. Just fling the sardine can and the Eagle would take care of the rest, destroying anything in his way. When it comes to the true completionists, for whom achieving a three-star score is not enough, the 100% Eagle Score was the final step before moving to the next level. Check out just how devastating the Eagle can be in the gif below.


Animated image of mighty eagle hitting the pigs castle.

Now that we’re re-introducing Angry Birds to app stores, we couldn’t leave such a core member of the flock out of the party. Only this time, Mighty Eagle is available to all players without the need for an additional purchase. Anyone who purchases Angry Birds, will gain full access to Mighty Eagle and his devastatingly destructive attack. Use this big birdie to bring down the pigs in tough levels, or destroy everything that remains for maximum score.

We’re happy that the impact of our fans can be felt so much even twelve years later, and we’re grateful to have such an awesome community that still sends us their level designs and fan art to this day. This one is for all of you, and you too Ethan if you’re out there.

– Sami & Steve