Sixteen new episodes of summer camp fun premiere on Netflix June 24th.

Article Licensing News default 25.05.2022

Earlier this year, Angry Birds Summer Madness premiered on Netflix giving viewers a look into the summer camp exploits of the Angry Birds flock during their formative teenage years. Over the course of 16 beautifully animated episodes, we saw the birds rocking through the trees, cannonballing where they please, and dealing with the insufferable camp bully, Neiderflyer. Now the birds are back for more camp adventures in 16 more episodes of summer fun!

Angry Birds Summer Madness presents the Angry Birds characters in a very exciting (and often awkward) time in their lives – their early teens. Showing the birds at this age for the first time in Angry Birds history, it was very important to get it right.

Robert Doherty, CAKE’s SVP of Production, and the show’s co-developer and Series Producer, sheds some light on the process behind the creation of the characters, “CAKE worked closely with the design team at Rovio to produce core character designs, which were then handed across to the art department at Yowza Animation, and adapted them into character builds that would work for the animation pipeline. CAKE and Rovio remained closely involved throughout the design process, ensuring the show’s look and feel was kept on brand.”

With the character designs locked in, it was time to animate. See how the series went from storyboard to finished product in the video below.



The result is a series that lives comfortably in the Angry Birds world, but still feels new. The Rovio team is very pleased with the result. “It has been exciting to see how Angry Birds Summer Madness has evolved since the beginning of the production,” says Rovio’s Head of Brand Licensing, Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala. “Close collaboration with CAKE, Yowza Animation, and Kickstart Entertainment has been instrumental in creating a series that stays true to the existing Angry Birds world, while also adding its own unique chapter to Angry Birds lore. Angry Birds fans have been reacting very positively to this series and we’re happy to continue the story of the teenage Angry Birds flock in this second season.

Angry Birds Summer Madness season 2 hits Netflix on June 24 – so kick off the summer and watch Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Stella making the memories that last a lifetime!