Experience all of the delightful destruction of the original Angry Birds games, now reloaded with fresh graphics, new levels, and new flingable characters.

Article Angry Birds default 16.07.2021

Oh, it’s ON Angry Birds fans – Angry Birds Reloaded comes to Apple Arcade today! The classic slingshot fueled action returns in a new take on the classic Angry Birds games. You know the story, using the power of the slingshot, the flock must outsmart the green piggies to rescue their eggs in level after level of physics based puzzles. It’s the formula that shot the birds to global phenomenon status in 2009 – now updated with new visuals, plus characters and locales from the birds’ animated movie adventures.

Visit the game page in Apple Arcade here to download Angry Birds Reloaded now or subscribe to Apple Arcade. With a subscription to Apple Arcade, players can experience the entire Angry Birds Reloaded experience without ads or in-app purchases. Plus Angry Birds Reloaded supports cross platform play – start playing on iPhone or iPad, and continue your saved game on Apple TV or Mac!

In addition to seven episodes full of classic bird-flinging fun available at launch, Angry Birds Reloaded introduces a new game mode packed with new levels, new playable characters, and a new enemy – the eagles. To gain entry, you must first impress Garry with your performance in the regular levels. Earn enough stars to secure passage to Eagle Island. The birds will need some help to take on the eagles. Good news: there’s a trio of new flingable characters to assist in this Eagle Island Operation, each with a powerful special ability. Bad news: they’re pigs. Say hello to the crew.


Courtney and Harvey

Courtney made her debut in The Angry Birds Movie 2 as Leonard’s bratty assistant. Now, this entitled know-it-all comes to Angry Birds Reloaded to help the crew infiltrate Eagle Island. You may not recognize her at first, disguised as Harvey the eagle, but activate her special ability and she will drop the disguise and catch the enemy off guard with the element of surprise.



Garry is the closest thing the pigs have to a genius inventor. In all honesty, with inventions like flame-retardant pig snot, that’s not saying much. Garry can always be found sipping on some kind of presumably hyper-caffeinated beverage to keep his creative juices flowing. It’s not working, but at least his beverage of choice doubles as two devastating projectiles when his special ability is activated. Take that Eagles!



Leonard is no stranger to the slingshot, having appeared in Angry Birds 2 as a playable guest character. In Angry Birds Reloaded, he’s back, and he’s brought with him a special ability based on one of his greatest attributes – his snot. Activate his special ability to send a blast of snot in one direction, and Leonard in the other. Gross. But effective!

With a crew like that, conquering the eagles should be no problem. Right? Well, at least the rest of the Angry Birds flock is there to clean up after the pigs if worst comes to worst.

Take a trip down memory lane, or experience the classic Angry Birds gameplay for the first time in Angry Birds Reloaded, now available on Apple Arcade!