The off-the-wall short-form series featuring the Angry Birds as plush toys continues the saga of the Angry Birds flock as they struggle to escape the human world and get back home.

Article Company announcement default 29.05.2020

Rovio Entertainment is announcing today that Angry Birds on the Run, the oddball live action series starring the Angry Birds as plush toys, will return for a second season. Season two will premiere on the Angry Birds YouTube channel on June 6, with a new episode added every Saturday. Wider distribution will be handled by CAKE, with the new season coming to more platforms this October. The new season of Angry Birds on the Run promises all of the absurd humor, and hilarious original music fans have come to expect from the series, only with “more everything”.

Created in partnership with Blink Industries, writer and director Baker Terry (Don’t hug me. I’m Scared) returns to continue the saga of the plush Angry Birds in 15 all-new episodes and three specials. Season one of Angry Birds on the Run saw the core flock of Red, Bomb, and Chuck thrust from their home in the Angry Birds mobile game and into the human world. They were forced to make sense of their surroundings and find a way back home, only they didn’t quite make it. This time, they have the help of new Angry Birds characters Stella and Matilda as well, but they will also have to contend with their lifelong rivals, the piggies.

According to writer/director Baker Terry, “Season 2 of Angry Birds on the Run is a whirlwind of fun. It promises to be bigger and wilder than ever before! We’ve got more twists and turns, more locations, original songs, and more characters. More of everything really, except smarts. It was great to spend some more time with our three lead characters from the first series and get to know a whole bunch of new Angry Birds, and piggies of course.”

Rovio Entertainment CMO, Ville Heijari, had this to say about the continuation of the Angry Birds on the Run series, “It has been a joy to see Blink Industries and Baker Terry take the Angry Birds brand and characters and just run with it. The first season of Angry Birds on the Run was bursting with personality and creativity, with its hand crafted aesthetic and original music, and that really resonated with Angry Birds fans. We’re excited to see what they think of season two.”

Angry Birds on the Run season two will find its home first on the Angry Birds YouTube channel, whose content has been viewed over 5 billion times in all. Thanks to a strategy of delivering original content, the channel has been able to reach nearly 4 million subscribers. The channel’s content is viewed for almost 3 million hours per month, with watchtime showing a 20% increase in Q1 2020 versus Q4 2019. Rovio Entertainment’s animated and video content has reached a wide audience on broadcast platforms around the world, as well as streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix, where a long-form series (Angry Birds: Summer Madness) is planned for release in 2021.

Tune in to the premiere of Angry Birds on The Run season two on June 6 via the Angry Birds YouTube channel, and catch a new episode every Saturday.