The birds are back with an all new 3D art style, grappling with new technologies and trends in a new season coming to the Angry Birds Youtube Channel on May 28!

Article Company announcement default 14.05.2022

The Angry Birds are back for a second season of Angry Birds MakerSpace – the series of animated shorts in which the birds and pigs explore new technologies and internet trends with always hilarious results. Angry Birds MakerSpace shows the inquisitive birds and pigs of the Angry Birds world, not in perpetual conflict with each other, but instead fighting to understand the technologies and trends that rule the internet. Unboxing videos, livestreams, memes, DIY projects – all fair game for the birds’ and pigs’ experiments and explorations.



The first season of Angry Birds MakerSpace premiered on the Angry Birds YouTube channel in 2019, and has since racked up a whopping 28.5 million views with over 418k hours of total watch time. The series is now airing outside of YouTube as well on multiple platforms across US, EMEA and Asia markets, most recently including Netflix.

“We have been happily surprised just how many views Angry Birds MakerSpace season one has gained on our Angry Birds Youtube channel since its release.” Says Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala, Rovio’s head of brand licensing. “For everyone who tuned in last season, you’re not going to want to miss what’s in store this time. MakerSpace is a series that gives the Angry Birds characters a way to interact with our world in unexpected ways, and it’s going to be really fun to see how the birds deal with recent memes and trends from filter fails to viral dance videos and beyond.”

Season two of Angry Birds MakerSpace, created in collaboration with Red Animation Studio and distributed by CAKE, features an all-new 3D art style, a departure from the previous season’s 2D style. The colors are brighter, the Angry Birds are cuddlier, the Piggies are sillier, and the Hatchlings are even cuter!

Commenting on the release of the new season, CAKE CEO, Ed Galton had this to say, “We are excited to be introducing the second series of Angry Birds Maker Space. Now in 3D, this latest season is a great addition to the Angry Birds franchise. We are looking forward to working with our international partners who have already indicated strong interest in this latest installment, which promises to delight and entertain Angry Birds fans all over the world!”

Of course, fans of the Angry Birds can expect to see the core members of their favorite flock returning to the show, including Red, Chuck, and Bomb, as well as the rambunctious and adorable Hatchings.

“We love the Angry Birds characters,” says Red Animation Studio CEO Milton Guerrero “making this new season of Angry Birds MakerSpace was a great experience for the Red Animation team, from the visual design and direction, to the composite stage. The production of the series was wonderful and fun in terms of creativity and cooperation with the talented and committed Rovio team.”

See all of those Angry Birds characters in action when Angry Birds MakerSpace season two comes to the Angry Birds YouTube channel starting May 28th! Tune in for a new episode every week.