Starting today, play an all-new forest conservation themed tournament and help plant 15,000 trees with Ecosia.

Article Games News default 02.06.2022

As part of the UN’s Green Game Jam 2022, Angry Birds Friends is hosting a forest conservation themed event in which players can play 26 all-new forest themed levels, and contribute to a goal to plant 15,000 trees with Ecosia – a not-for-profit search engine that has planted over 150 million trees in biodiversity hotspots across the globe. Throughout the event, players will be able to contribute to Ecosia, and Rovio will be matching all player contributions to reach our goal of planting 15,000 trees. Players can also grow trees in the tournament levels by flinging their birds at special blocks in the levels.

As a member of the UN’s Playing for the Planet Alliance (P4P), Rovio is always keen to lend their voice to environmental causes. Since the formation of P4P, Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Friends have been taking part every year to draw attention to these issues among their playerbases during the annual Green Game Jam – an event in which game studios create games and in-game content to raise awareness for conservation initiatives and contribute to environmental causes. This year promises to be the biggest Green Game Jam ever, with over 50 game studios taking part.

Previous Green Game Jams have seen players of Angry Birds 2 conserving the earth’s oceans and planting trees as part of the UN’s Trillion Tree Campaign. This year, Angry Birds 2 is joining Angry Birds Friends to promote reforestation by offering a free tie-in spell during the event. Using the Green Spell, players can drop acorns from the sky to defeat the piggies, and then join in the fun in the ongoing tournament in Angry Birds Friends.

The Playing for the Planet Tournament begins on Thursday, June 2nd 2022, and continues for one week ending on June 8th. Join the tournament to play 26 new levels and help us plant 15,000 trees with Ecosia!

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