You have a front row ticket to the bird world’s biggest music festival. See the lineup inside and join the festival starting May 30!

Article Games News default 30.05.2018

Festival season is here, and music fans from all over will be flocking to Bird Island to catch three of the hottest acts under the sweltering summer sun. Whether it’s pumping EDM rhythms, catchy pop goodness, or bars of solid hip hop fire, Flockaballooza has what you’re after. 

The festival grounds are being set up in Angry Birds Evolution. Full of hundreds over-the-top Angry Birds characters, Angry Birds Evolution challenges players to assemble the perfect flock to take down the terrible Don Bacon.

Good news – every Angry Birds Evolution player has their own ticket to mobile gaming’s festival event of the year. Flockaballooza begins May 30th, and will continue for two weeks of love and music. During the festival, players have a chance to hatch three all-new five-star birds – a triple headliner! Take a look below for the lowdown on the lineup.

Dedsw1n3 began making music after receiving his first synthesizer as a hatchday gift, and he hasn’t stopped since. This masked maniac is the musical mastermind behind many of the bird world’s biggest bangers. Releasing albums under his SnautHau5 label, he has become somewhat of a mogul in the Bird Island EDM scene. 

Lady Bacon
Lady Bacon rose to fame after placing second runner up in Bird Island’s biggest televised singing competition, The Squawk. Although she keeps a low profile to avoid the squawkerazzi, when she deigns to appear on a track, she makes her presence felt with sweet bubblegum pop goodness.

Li’l Pecker
It’s a closely kept secret how this legendary sing-rapper has achieved his never-before-heard and completely inimitable sound. It’s like he can never hit a bad note. However he does it, this is a sound we can get used to hearing for the next ten or so years. There’s no way this sound can get old.

Flockaballooza begins May 30th. Don’t miss your chance to see three of the biggest names in avian audio live in concert!