The Angry Birds 2 community bands together in a new in-game event to pop 7 billion pigs and raise awareness for ocean conservation.

Article Games News default 29.09.2021

So there’s this planet, right – the one we’re all living on. Over 70 percent of it is covered in liquid water that we call the oceans. The oceans are home to a massively diverse range of lifeforms – up to 80% of all lifeforms on our planet in fact. Oceans absorb 25% of our carbon emissions, not to mention support people and economies around the globe. Needless to say, they’re pretty important, and we should do whatever we can to protect them. Still, our precious oceans are in danger. Plastic pollution, unsustainable fishing, and climate change, among many other factors, put our oceans’ health at risk.

As part of the UN’s Playing For the Planet Alliance, Angry Birds 2 is joining the cause to protect our oceans with a limited-time in-game event. Until October 3, players can check in to Angry Birds 2 to learn about ocean conservation, collect some seafaring headwear for their birds, and band together to pop piggies and show their support for keeping our oceans healthy. If the Angry Birds 2 community pops seven billion piggies, there will be exciting rewards for everyone. If we’re going to tackle big problems, we’ll have to do it together!

The events end on October 3 so seas the day in Angry Birds 2 to collect the new Mariner Hat Set, participate in a limited time hat adventure, and also contribute to the community goal of popping 7 billion piggies.