For the day of October 4, all proceeds from Angry Birds 2 in-app purchases in the UK will go to SpecialEffect.

Article Games News default 03.10.2019

Last year, Angry Birds 2 participated in One Special Day for the second year. This year, we are  calling on UK players to show their support once again to help people with disabilities experience the incredible experiences only games can provide. For the entire day of October 4, Rovio will donate proceeds from all Angry Birds 2 in-app purchases in the UK to SpecialEffect.

SpecialEffect is a UK-based charity dedicated to sharing the joy of gaming with people with disabilities that hinder their ability to play in traditional ways. Their teams of therapists and technical specialists travel to people’s homes for assessments and to loan specialized gaming equipment that allows them to play. In addition to interacting with gamers face-to-face, SpecialEffect also gives back to the gaming industry, sharing their knowledge and experience to help developers the world over to create more accessible games and hardware.

One Special Day is organized every year giving developers a chance to show their support for differently abled players, with the goal of raising £350,000. With a fantastic lineup of games, including Angry Birds 2, we hope players will have no problem reaching the goal and spreading the joy of gaming to as many people as possible.

Download Angry Birds 2 here to join in.

Learn more about One Special Day and ways you can get involved here.

Learn more about SpecialEffect here.