The Veggie Power Tournament in Angry Birds Friends promises a cornucopia of competitive challenges and helpful tidbits on healthy eating in partnership with the World Health Organization.

Article Games News default 24.02.2023

Angry Birds Friends is teaming up with the World Health Organization for a fresh new adventure all about eating healthily. Starting on February 27, the Veggie Power Tournament in Angry Birds Friends presents players with 30 all-new levels, chock full of fruits and vegetables, in a tournament event lasting one week. During the tournament, players will be served tasty tidbits about how to maintain a healthy everyday diet. Of course, veggies aren’t the only greens on the menu. As always, the green piggies are out in full force, and it’s up to the player to give them their just deserts.

Angry Birds Friends partnered with the WHO in two special tournaments in 2021 to spread the word for Mental Health Day, and to encourage Angry Birds Friends players to get up and get active. Now Angry Birds Friends is rounding out this healthy living trilogy to help players learn how they can improve their everyday diets.

A healthy diet is crucial to personal health, and is a major factor in reducing non communicable diseases worldwide. Diet is also a factor where even a relatively small change can have far reaching results. For example, if people worldwide maintained a salt intake of less than 5g per day, it could save as many as 1.7 million lives each year, due to how sodium can contribute to high blood pressure, which increases the risk for heart disease and stroke.

“Eating a healthy diet, composed of a variety of foods, including five portions of fruits and vegetables helps protect against diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer,” said Andy Pattison, Team Lead, Digital Channels, WHO. “We are pleased to collaborate with tech and gaming companies, including the Angry Birds Friends, to reach their large online communities with positive health information in the palms of their hands.”

We hope that the partnership between Angry Birds Friends and the World Health Organization in the Veggie Power Tournament can help educate and encourage healthy habits, and we are sure players will have a lot of fun in the process.

Join the Veggie Power Tournament in Angry Birds friends starting on February 27.

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