Rovio Content Creator Rules


Rovio Content Creator Rules

We created the Rovio Content Creators program as a means to make sure that the best video creators across the Rovio community have access to high-quality game specific assets to improve their video content and give them the possibility of early access to game features and potential featuring on our Social Media Channels. The Content Creator programs for our various games may have slightly different names, but all Rovio Content Creators are expected to follow this set of rules.

As part of the Rovio Content Creators program, we are providing you with pre-authorized game specific assets such as character designs or other copyrighted materials for specific use (“Game Specific Assets”).

As a Rovio Content Creator, you agree to adhere to our Rovio Fan Content Policy and to these rules. We may also ask you to sign a non-disclosure undertaking to get early access to features or content. In that case, you must fully comply with the terms of that undertaking.

You may also get a badge that shows you are a Rovio Content Creator for your specific game. The badge is considered one of the Game Specific Assets. We require Rovio Content Creators to display the badge on all content created for your Game Specific Creator program. Do not modify the badge. You must also clearly and prominently disclose the nature of your relationship with us in all content as required by applicable laws, platform policies, and other rules.

Content that does not adhere to these rules as well as the Rovio Fan Content Policy is prohibited and must be taken down. If we ask you to take your content down due to a violation of these rules or the Rovio Fan Content Policy, you agree to do so immediately.

If we make changes to these rules, we will make the updated rules available here and take reasonable steps to notify you of the changes. The updated rules become effective regardless of whether you were notified or not.

If you discover that anyone participating in the Rovio Content Creators program violates these rules, please let us know by reaching out to us at