With games industry experience stretching back to 2003, Johannes brings a long history of games as a service experience to the Stockholm Studio.

Article Company announcement default 08.09.2023

Rovio is pleased to welcome Johannes Mang as the new Head of Studio in Stockholm! Johnny brings with him a storied history of working in games as a service, as well as new product and feature development in AAA and mobile games. With a well-rounded background in games business models, game platforms, and game genres, he was involved very early with live services, working on EA’s first self developed, self operated free to play title, which culminated in the creation of a group of four game studios with Johnny as COO. These experiences created a long lasting love affair with games as a service that continues to this day.


My passion is live services because it’s a perfect combination of the creative parts of video game development, with the tech and the business side.


Coming more recently from the AAA games world, Johnny joins Rovio’s Stockholm Studio – a studio focused on creating “advanced casual” mobile games and delivering on Rovio’s mission of crafting joy with player-focused gaming experiences that last for decades. The studio is the home of Rovio’s flagship game, Angry Birds 2, which continues to provide exciting new game content to players around the globe through live services. On joining the Stockholm team, Johnny comments,

“I’m excited to go back to the faster pace of mobile games. I’m really intrigued by the combination of working on a large-scale live service where we’re entertaining millions of people every day, keeping the game experience fresh and relevant, while continuing to innovate – not just turning the crank. When I met Andy and the talented team in Stockholm, I felt an immediate connection. I look forward to joining the flock and taking Angry Birds 2 to new heights and building Rovio’s next hit game together. And of course having lots of fun in the process!”

We are certain that Johnny is a perfect fit for the team in Stockholm and look forward to exciting times to come!