Article Licensing News default 06.07.2023

Great news for Angry Birds fans! A brand new cafe full of Angry Birds experiences is opening in New York.

The cafe features tasty pastries, trendy bubble teas, gaming, a retail section, and unique photo opportunities with your favorite game and gaming characters!


The cafe is called iSwii by Angry Birds and is the first Angry Birds retail cafe in the world. The cafe opens on July 8th in Flushing’s latest family-friendly destination spot, Tangram. Tangram is an over 100 000 square-meter shopping mall in Queens, New York.

The new interactive café and retail destination combines in-person and on-screen thrills, making for a unique adventure. Designed for individuals and families alike, the over 300-square-meter iSwii by Angry Birds is adorned with modern décor and features a collection of Instagrammable NYC-themed statue installations outside the entrance, an eye-catching bright mural ceiling with Angry Birds graphics, a vibrant terrazzo counter and flooring resembling dessert sprinkles. Additional unique Angry Birds themed elements include nest-like wicker and hanging chairs, bird paradise graphic wall coverings, and tropical plants on the shelving units where hatchlings, the baby birds wander around. Other features include glass-partitioned exhibition displays with chef’s custom decorated yummy seasonal holiday cakes & pastries, all of which collectively creates the most fun retail and cafe experience anyone can imagine. 

The iSwii by Angry Birds experience is also available for private parties & events in private “nests” – rooms that will offer Angry Birds VR games & treats, including customizable Angry Birds-themed gift bags for party goers. 

“We are always delighted to find forms for Angry Birds fans to interact with the brand in new and fun ways. This unique establishment goes beyond the screen, offering an immersive experience where fans and customers can delight in the tantalizing foods and drinks as well as engage in gaming and capture extraordinary moments in our exclusive photo opportunities. The United States is a key market for the Angry Birds brand and we’re excited to open this venue in one of the greatest cities of the world, New York”, – says Katri Chacona, Director, Brand Licensing at Rovio. 

The cafe has been created in partnership with SCG America. SCG and Rovio came together to build an engaging and interactive location for Angry Birds fans to visit, in a deal facilitated by Angry Birds’ global licensing agency IMG. 

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