Talent Acquisition Manager, Yumi Oishi, works every day to find the best people to join the teams at Rovio. Learn about her international journey, and why she decided on a career in Finland.

Article Meet the Rovians meet-the-rovian 09.07.2020

Since childhood, Yumi Oishi knew she wanted to do something international. Now after living and working in Japan, the United States, and Switzerland, she has settled at Rovio’s Finland headquarters where she works as the Talent Acquisition Manager. Yumi leads a small and mighty three person team who together search for talented and likeminded people who would be a perfect fit for the passionate and ambitious teams at Rovio. Her motivation for moving to Finland was, in part, to experience the gender equality the Nordic region is known for.

I wanted to experience what it means to work and live in Finland as a woman.

Finland consistently scores highly in the annual Global Gender Gap Report created by the World Economic Forum, which gives each country a score in four subindices: Economic Participation and Opportunity, Educational Attainment, Health and Survival, and Political Empowerment. While the global gender gap is slowly closing on average year on year, the Nordics are leading the charge, with four of the top five countries being in the Nordics, including Finland, Sweden, and Norway, where Rovio offices are located. In the 2020 report, Finland ranks third overall, behind only Iceland and Norway.

Making the leap from working for Google in Zurich, Switzerland to Rovio’s headquarters in Finland was not without its surprises. One of those was the difference in work life balance Yumi experienced at Rovio.

What is different about working in Finland is that work is just one part of a person’s life.

With more free time outside of work, Yumi began exploring the quintessential Finnish pastimes, including berry picking, and Finland’s hottest pastime, sauna. Yumi felt like she was welcomed into Finnish culture with open arms, and felt at home with the humble and accommodating nature and unique sense of humor of the Finnish people she came in contact with.

What’s next for Yumi? Learn more in the full video, Meet the Rovians: Yumi Oishi.