Available today, Angry Birds Bird Island allows players to create their own bird avatars, explore Bird Island, and raise adorable Hatchlings with friends.

Article Games News default 16.12.2021

Angry Birds Bird Island launches today in Roblox, marking the famous flock’s first foray into the widely popular game platform. The game presents other firsts for the Angry Birds as well, including the first time players can create their own custom 3D avatars in the Angry Birds style, and the first time bird characters appear alongside human characters.

Red, the face of the Angry Birds, is excited(?) about the prospect of living together with humans, with whom he has had some first hand experience lately. Red had this to say, “Since I’ve rightfully taken ownership of MY Angry Birds Twitter account, I have had a delightful chance to engage with a bunch of human Angry Birds fans, and whooo boy! It’s been… something, I’ll tell ya. It will be good to get some help with those little rapscallion Hatchlings, but we’ll see how it goes.

Angry Birds Bird Island, created in collaboration with Swedish developer The Gang, is a fantasy role-playing experience where players can slingshot their way around Bird Island, raise adorable Hatchlings, take jobs at Bird Island establishments featured in the Angry Birds movies, and even create their own houses on the island. Upon entering the Angry Birds Island, players are guided by the familiar Angry Birds characters, including Red, Chuck, Bomb, Stella and Silver. Their task: adopt a precious Hatchling egg – and those eggs are going to need plenty of petting and snacks if they’re ever going to hatch, nothing a few treats from Stella’s shop can’t fix.



As mentioned, Angry Birds Bird Island will allow players to design their own Angry Birds characters from beak to feathers, with options for plumage colors, head and tail feather styles, beaks, body shapes and accessories. Combined with the sandbox of Bird Island, Angry Birds Bird Island in Roblox presents a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the Angry Birds world. Rovio’s Future of Entertainment VP Ben Mattes shared the following, “Platforms like Roblox have exploded in recent years due to the exciting collaborative experiences they offer to players. This is great for Angry Birds fans, who can now interact with their favorite characters, and the world of Angry Birds, in a way never before possible. We hope that fans have a blast exploring Angry Birds Bird Island together.

Roblox is available for PC, as well as mobile devices. Follow the link here to download Roblox, or to go directly to Angry Birds Bird Island if you already have Roblox installed on your device!