Skillful players can now compete in official cash tournaments

Article Games News default 21.02.2018

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Angry Birds Champions, a fabulous new take on the much loved Angry Birds games, which have now been downloaded a staggering four billion times! This latest member of the Angry Birds family of games invites skillful players to compete to win money prizes in this innovative cash tournament version of Angry Birds. The game is now available on GSN Games’ competition platform WorldWinner, and can be played at and in the WorldWinner iOS app, in Canada and selected states in USA.

Angry Birds Champions serves up an authentic Angry Birds experience, where both seasoned and casual fans alike can test their skills, participate in tournaments, and get rewarded with real-world cash prizes. Angry Birds Champions features all of the classic Angry Birds ingredients like the slingshot, the original bird flock, the signature Angry Birds soundtrack and sound effects, and playful physics. Angry Birds Champions is a pure skill-based game experience, taking Angry Birds to the next level, from fun to competitive.

Alongside the classic Angry Birds gameplay and experience, Rovio Entertainment and WorldWinner have collaborated on new features for Angry Birds Champions, taking full advantage of individual player skill sets. These include two different tournament formats, as well as all new gameplay features specially made for Angry Birds Champions.

The new tournament formats include: 

  • Best of Three: Play the same level three times, and only your highest score is counted.
  • Progression Mode: Play three different levels consecutively, and your score is the total of all three levels; players only get a single chance, so pre-planning, skill and strategy are essential for success and winning!

New features include:

  • Swap: In each Angry Birds Champions tournament, players get a limited number of “Swap” power-ups, which can be used to exchange the current bird in your slingshot for the next bird on deck, therefore enhancing the strategic nature of the game.
  • Varied Levels: Every level is assembled from sets of prefabricated fortress pieces, offering players fresh new challenges every time they play.

Gamers can test their mettle in a competitive environment against the world’s greatest Angry Birds players right now by downloading the WorldWinner iOS app or playing online at Players can practice with free warm-up tournaments, then make an initial deposit and pay an entry fee to participate in Angry Birds Champions cash tournaments. Players around the world can play for free, and cash tournaments are available for players 18+.