Our people put joy at the forefront every day to create unforgettable experiences for our players.

Article Life At Rovio video-article 08.04.2022

‘We craft joy.’

You may have seen these words on our website, or in recruitment ads, or on the side of our Espoo, Finland HQ building if you have paid us a visit. But what does it mean to craft joy? Why is that our mission, and how does it all come to life?


We craft joy with player-focused gaming experiences that last for decades.


Joy is the spark that drives our work, and our greatest goal is to create joy in the lives of the people who play our games. Joy is both our end goal and the means for us to get there. Realizing this goal comes down to the people that work on our games every day. Every Rovian approaches their work with different perspectives and life experiences, different backgrounds and different passports, and we make it possible for everyone to bring their own kind of joy to everything they do in order to make games that create that spark in other people.

Maybe you felt that spark the first time you sent a bird flying through the air with the slingshot, or that time you pulled off the perfect shot destroying a screen full of piggies in one fell swoop, or maybe while laughing at the flock’s antics in the Angry Birds movies with your friends and family. That feeling is worth going after every day. It is a feeling we strive to share with everyone. Our job is to create joy, and spread it like the future of our world depends on it, and each one of us is up for the challenge.

“The best thing about Rovio is the people, hands down.” says Corporate Brand Lead and Executive Creative Director of the Rovio brand creatives, Hanna Toivonen. “With this film, we wanted to highlight just that. These people make our mission come to life every day, and ultimately manifest the story that is Rovio.”


Watch the full ‘We Craft Joy’ video here, and take an inside look into the lives of the people that bring joy to life in our ‘Meet the Rovians‘ series.



Executive Creative Director: Hanna Toivonen
Associate Producer: Joe Slimick
Production: Videolle Productions
Director: Aki Kuukasjärvi
Music: Douglas Black Heaton

Featured Rovians:
Subin Kim
Harshal Karvande
Anne Dahlgren
Felix Nyberg
Tommi Koivisto
Hanna Valkeapää-Nokkala
Ana Krmek
Samuli Räty


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Emilia Machuca
Lotta Backlund
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