Article Sustainability default 11.11.2021

Many of the world’s leaders are currently gathered in Glasgow for the UN climate change conference to unite the world to tackle the climate crisis. Governments and city officials the world over are pledging to become carbon neutral by a certain year, and none of this is happening a moment too soon. The climate crisis is our generation’s and our time’s biggest and most acute threat, and the planet’s future needs to be taken seriously.

That is why we at Rovio also want to act now. We pledge to reach carbon neutrality in 2022. This means that any CO2 released into the atmosphere from our operations is compensated by an equivalent amount through certified climate projects.

When we do reach carbon neutrality, we want to be sure we are doing it right. We will be working with an external consultant, to remodel and verify our calculations of our CO2 emission as well as the compensations we make. Carbon neutrality refers to the emissions that are generated in our own operations (Scope 1 & 2) and emissions that are generated in our value-chain (Scope 3).

This isn’t something new for us. How to pull our weight regarding the climate emergency has been on our roadmap for some time already. We’ve also already taken many steps towards carbon neutrality, and that is why we are so confident we can reach full carbon neutrality by next year. From the year 2018 we have offset the annual carbon impact of our headquarters in Espoo as well as all flights that our staff in Espoo and Stockholm took. In September 2019, when joining and founding Playing for Planet Alliance, we made a pledge to fully compensate for the carbon emissions of our players charging their devices.

This is an ambitious goal, and it will require a purposeful effort from everyone at the company. However, this is not where we stop. We’ll continue our journey towards science-based net-zero targets where all emissions are reduced to zero or neutralized through permanent removals. This will not be an easy feat, as it requires advancements in both technology and infrastructure, but we’re prepared to work hard to solve these challenges.

Our mission is to craft joy, and we want to sustain a planet where that is possible for generations to come.