Two teams of kids compete for the BirLd Cup trophy with the help of Everton stars Wayne Rooney, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Tom Davies, Cenk Tosun and social media phenomenon, Tekkerz Kid.

Article Licensing News default 08.06.2018

Ahead of a Summer full of soccer, Rovio and Angry Birds are getting into the soccer spirit with an all new YouTube series, BirLd Cup.

The BirLd Cup series follows two teams of rambunctious kids ready to put their soccer skills to the test. With Everton stars Wayne Rooney, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Tom Davies, and Cenk Tosun on hand to lend their expertise and officiate the competition, the two teams will go head to head in a series of soccer-centric challenges to earn points. The team that scores the most points will claim the illustrious BirLd Cup, and surely, BirLdwide acclaim.

Let’s meet the team captains. Team Red will be captained by young YouTuber Tekkerz Kid who has grown a following of over a million YouTube subscribers with his videos on everything from soccer boots, to video games, and mischievous pranks. Team Chuck will be led by YouTube personality Ruby Clark, who gained notoriety of her own for her spontaneity and sense of humour on her sister’s YouTube Channel Lovevie

The BirLd Cup competition kicks off Saturday, June 9. See who takes home the BirLd Cup in a new episode every Wednesday and Saturday for the following five weeks through July 13. We promise plenty of fun challenges, and fair competition, but with the pigs keeping score, it’s really anyone’s game.

Watch The BirLd Cup on the Angry Birds YouTube channel!