Two iconic brands collide in a week-long event in Rovio Entertainment’s competitive bird flinging game, Angry Birds Friends.

Article Games News default 26.04.2021

The fun-loving blue gnomes now known as The Smurfs made their first appearance to the world in 1958. Through their comics, TV series, and movies, they have been dodging the devious plans of their nemesis, Gargamel, ever since, becoming one of the most widely loved and recognized brands in the world in the process. The blue bunch is now embarking on their latest adventure on Bird Island, where they will join the Angry Birds for a one week event in Angry Birds Friends

In the event, Gargamel has enlisted the easily fooled piggies into his army, and they have managed to capture some innocent Smurfs. It’s up to the birds to set them free and send Gargamel packing. Players can challenge their friends in three rounds of Smurf-themed Angry Birds Friends tournaments starting today (April 26th). Each tournament round contains eight all-new levels of bird-flinging, smurf-saving fun for a total of 24 new levels featuring Smurf-themed backgrounds and iconic smurf characters. Along the way, players can also learn interesting tidbits of Smurf trivia. For example, did you know the name ‘Smurf’ came to the characters’ creator, Peyo, when he could not remember the word for salt? All in all, it promises to be a Smurfing good time!

The Angry Birds Friends team was thrilled to introduce the Smurfs to the world of Angry Birds, including Game Lead, Kalvin Ou, who has been a lifelong Smurfs fan. “I grew up reading the Smurfs’ comics, so they have definitely been a big part of my life. It’s a childhood dream to be able to work with these characters and I think Angry Birds fans will be excited to see the birds and Smurfs work together in this event. I’m looking forward to Smurfing this one out of the Smurf!” 


Responding to the collaboration, Véronique Culliford (President, founder of IMPS, and daughter of Smurfs creator, Peyo) had this to say, “I am very happy with this beautiful partnership, I have always adored Angry Birds and the idea of making them play with our pretty smurfs enchants me. I’m sure it will appeal to all of the respective fans as well.”


Download Angry Birds Friends here to join the tournaments, and help save the Smurfs from Gargamel – now until May 2nd!