Players can flex their bird flinging muscles in a collaboration with Popeye and The SeaCleaners to protect our oceans.

Article Brand Partnerships default 31.01.2022

Starting today, the seafaring muscleman, Popeye, is joining forces with the Angry Birds in a week-long themed tournament in Angry Birds Friends to raise awareness for the health of our oceans. These two forces of nature are teaming up in support of The SeaCleaners, an organization dedicated to ridding the oceans of pollution.

Did you know that 17 tons of waste – mostly plastic – are dumped into the world’s oceans every minute? The staggering amount of waste that makes it into the ocean has a huge impact on thousands of marine life forms, putting species at risk, not to mention human health. This is something to get angry about, and the people at The SeaCleaners are working to prevent ocean pollution, as well as developing solutions to clean up the pollution that is already there.

“How we deal with our waste is one of the problems that will define our future,” says Rovio’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Heini Kaihu. “The only way we’re going to solve these issues is by spreading knowledge, and luckily we have the Angry Birds and Popeye, who can do that in a way that is fun also.”

“It takes muscles, brain and determination to battle plastic pollution. I think we have the perfect dream team to achieve this, with Angry Birds and Popeye, two iconic brands with powerful fan communities around the world ready to take action for a good cause!”, adds Yvan Bourgnon, The SeaCleaners’ president.

During this special tournament in Angry Birds Friends, Bluto and the piggies are mucking up the waters with plastic trash (that’s exactly the kind of thing that arch nemeses would do). It’s up to our birds to fling into action to destroy the trash and fill Popeye’s recycling bin. Throughout the tournament, players will also learn about The SeaCleaners through in game messages and discover the Manta, their sustainable sailboat designed to swallow up and process plastic pollution.

“As a defender of the seas, Popeye is thrilled to join Red and the other Angry Birds on their mission to save the ocean from polluting piggies,” says Popeye brand owner, King Features, brand marketing director, Beth Nock. “The SeaCleaners’ ocean clean-up technology is unprecedented, and we are grateful that the Angry Birds have joined forces with Popeye to shine a light on their efforts to improve our earth.”

To clean up our oceans, it’s going to take a bit of anger, and some serious strength, and with Angry Birds and Popeye, we’re on the right track. The tournament is running from January 31 through February 6!

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