All UK proceeds from purchases in Angry Birds 2 on September 28 go to SpecialEffect, helping gamers with physical disabilities.

Article Games News default 27.09.2018

Games are awesome. We can all agree on that. They deliver fun, immersive experiences, and sheer joy in a way no other medium can. They take us away from our daily troubles, and give us an opportunity to spend time with our friends, loved ones, and other like-minded players around the world. The power of games to bring people together cannot be denied.

With games being as awesome as they are, it follows that we would want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy them. However, for some with disabilities, gaming is just not possible. Physical disabilities can keep a potential gamer from operating the input devices necessary for playing a game, and cognitive, sight, and hearing disabilities all pose their own barriers to enjoying games.

This is where SpecialEffect comes in. The UK based charity works to bring fun and inclusion to the lives of people living with physical disabilities by helping them play games. Every year, SpecialEffect organizes One Special Day, giving game developers an opportunity support their cause. For one day, proceeds from purchases of participating games will go to SpecialEffect, and to bringing the joy of gaming to people with disabilities.

We are proud to announce that Angry Birds 2 will be returning as a participating game in One Special Day for its second year. For the whole day on September 28, All proceeds from in-app purchases in Angry Birds 2 from the UK will go to SpecialEffect. With your help, we can bring down the barriers preventing people with disabilities from experiencing the awesomeness of games!

Download Angry Birds 2 here.

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