With a collection of durable and eco-friendly skateboards from Capsule Skateboards, the birds are perched to catch some serious air.

Article Licensing News default 23.09.2022

The Angry Birds are on a roll in encouraging to get up and get active lately, first encouraging kids to focus their anger on branded punching bags, and now with a partnership with Capsule Skateboards, fans can rock their favorite Angry Birds characters on a line of eco-friendly and recyclable skateboards.

Capsule Skateboards is a Cyprus based company that is taking a different approach to skate deck building. Rather than being constructed from layers of wood laminated by toxic glues, Capsule decks are constructed from layers of plastic compounds that are fused together making decks that are tougher, pop higher, are more impact absorbent and impervious to water, plus they’re totally recyclable.

The new Angry Birds skate decks will be offered in seven eye-popping designs that are sure to make Angry Birds fans flip. In addition to traditional board shapes, the designs will be available in cruiser decks, for a more laid back riding experience convenient for kicking around the block or commuting around the city.

Capsule Skateboards’ Angry Birds decks are now available only through Capsule’s online store. Have a look at the whole collection here!