Angry Birds 2 introduces a Treasure Pass granting players access to rewards and exciting extras.

Article Games News default 27.11.2023

Angry Birds 2 launched in 2016, which in mobile game years is roughly five centuries ago. Somehow the Angry Birds 2 team in Stockholm have offered new and exciting experiences that have kept players coming back all these years later. As a testament to that fact, Angry Birds 2 remains to be Rovio’s most played game, with active players all over the globe.

The challenge with maintaining a game as historied as Angry Birds 2 is in providing that fresh content to players. Most recently Angry Birds 2 has accomplished this by hosting limited time events that not only allow players to amass a collection of fabulous hats with which they can accessorize their flock, but also take on limited time challenges to earn equally fabulous rewards.

Today, Angry Birds 2 is introducing another way for players to maximize their rewards and also express themselves with exclusive items. The beginning of the Rainbow Season also introduces the new Treasure Pass, a season pass subscription that boosts rewards players can earn as well as granting players access to exclusive items. Treasure pass launches with two tiers, a free tier that all players can benefit from, and a tier available as an in-app purchase* that offers greater rewards when completing Daily and Epic Quests. Players will progress through the Treasure Pass rewards by earning Season Points in Daily and Epic quests, unlocking bigger rewards as they go.


Rewards include existing rewards such as gems, Black Pearls, and feathers used to enhance their birds, but will also introduce exclusive avatars and more. This season, players can also earn the dazzling Sparkle Pack through Treasure Pass. Once unlocked, the Sparkle Pack will add a shimmering tail to the player’s birds as they soar through the sky.


This is only the beginning of the Treasure Pass story so players can expect to see many more exciting rewards to be introduced in the coming seasons. For now, players can explore what Treasure Pass has to offer in Angry Birds 2 now!

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