Announcing the soft launch of an all-new narrative-driven puzzle game, Supernatural City.

Article Games News default 08.04.2021

Welcome to New Gateway, a grand and bustling city full of secrets and mystery – and the birthplace of Ellie Delmar. When Ellie’s father goes missing, she returns home from a peaceful life in the countryside to go look for him. But her father’s whereabouts aren’t the only mystery she discovers there. As Ellie picks up his trail and reconnects with her roots, a hidden power begins to awaken within her, allowing her to speak with ghosts and encounter spectral visions of the past.

With hundreds of brain-teasing matching puzzles, players in Supernatural City follow Ellie as she meets a colorful cast of characters – among both the living and not-so-living – and unravels their stories in search of the ultimate truth about the city where the paranormal is the new normal.

Supernatural City is the latest release from Rovio’s Puzzle Studio, which specializes in instantly fun and infinitely engaging puzzle games. Their second entry in the narrative puzzle game genre since the global release of Small Town Murders in June 2020, Supernatural City builds on the foundation created by Small Town Murders, and promises an equally thrilling storyline full of twists and memorable characters, all tied together with some super satisfying matching puzzle gameplay. While in soft launch, Supernatural City is still in the testing phase, meaning the game will be continually developed during this time based on player feedback.

Supernatural City is in soft launch starting today in the United States, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Canada, Philippines, Denmark, Spain and Lithuania, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play in those markets.